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06/06/06 - The Mark of the Beast

bucho @ 11:31 am June 6th, 2006


The end is near… again. Here is a good short read on people’s unwaranted fear of the number 666.

The last time the 666 combination occurred was in 1666, the year of the Great Fire of London.

However, it also marked the year in which Sir Isaac Newton published his Law of Gravity, leading it to be dubbed the Annus mirabilis.

4 Responses to “06/06/06 - The Mark of the Beast”

  1. Scott Rippee Says:

    I found it interesting that my friend, who is a nurse in the ER, mentioned that there were an unusual number of deaths on 666 and they ver extremely busy that day. Kinda seems like the whole full moon thing.

  2. bucho Says:

    Probably everyone that had to go to the ER did stupid things BECAUSE it was 06/06/06 :)

  3. flantrex Says:

    oh..man nice pic!

  4. Anonymous Says:


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