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Amadana VP110 - Pretty… Stupid

bucho @ 12:58 pm November 1st, 2006


So, a new new portable DVD player is coming out that looks very attractive and has some excellent features. On the looks side it has a bamboo encrusted lid…


… and an attractive leather carrying case. Functionally, it has a 10-inch wide LCD and touch panel controls. Overall very nice. The price tag however is absurd. In the words of Gizmodo

If you’re going to spend $1200 on such a device, why not just get a notebook that can do the same thing and lots more, and probably have a bigger screen and cost less?

A few blogs wrote about this DVD player, but what bothers me the most is that none commented on the following image:


Click on image for larger view.

What the hell?

3 Responses to “Amadana VP110 - Pretty… Stupid”

  1. Scott Says:

    haha.. I think they are wrong about becoming a catcher….. I am probably going to try that tomorrow with my laptop since that’d be all its good for now. Actually, even though it quit working as a computer, I can probably get some cash for it on ebay since it will still work as a portable dvd player and has a wide screen.

  2. jittles Says:

    Just make sure you take out your HDD before you ebay that pig.

  3. Nichole Says:

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