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Wooty WOOT!!!

bucho @ 10:18 pm December 6th, 2006


And again… we have ourselves a money stealing Woot-Off!

Last time was November 16th… under a month ago, not bad.

… and I am going to steal Cory’s link since he stole my picture last time. :)

Handy Woot Off Checker

… and if you want to know what you have missed.

Woot Forums

… or (it looks like it is coming alive, and you don’t have to worry about the Woot servers going down)

Woot Wiki

3 Responses to “Wooty WOOT!!!”

  1. Scott Rippee Says:

    haha…. Hopefully this wootoff takes care of some of my Christmas shopping.

  2. Scott Rippee Says:

    Damn… I missed the mp3 turntables.. now I will never be the coolest kid on my block

  3. Scott Rippee Says:

    This was cool…..

    Battle Plane 27MHz Radio Controlled Plane $24.99
    To bad I was to slow

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