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Nature's Archive

Fresno Dome / Central Camp Adventures

Scott Rippee @ 11:32 pm Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

I made it up to the mountains with some friends last weekend. We stayed at my grandfather’s cabin in Central Camp (a couple thousand feet above Bass Lake) and got some rock climbing in at Fresno Dome.

View of Bass Lake from side of the road



Driving from Central Camp to Fresno Dome


My friend let me cruse around on his beautiful quad. I naturally found the largest puddle I could and blasted through it.



The hike to the rock



Base of our route



Top of the first of four pitches




We didn’t make it to the top. Short on daylight and out of practice. We had to descend to the bottom and hike back out the way we came. Making it to the top has the added bonus of getting an easier hike back.

Jeremy descends to set up a lower rappelling station


Overall very relaxing and a wonderful break.

Day Gecko added to the Terrerium

Cory Maddox @ 3:14 pm Thursday, October 26th, 2006

The local pet store finally got in my girlfriend’s birthday gift and I added it to the terrerium last night. She has been wanting a Gecko for a while. Her favorite color is green so she has been trying to get me to get her a gecko at the pet store called a Golden Gecko.

Unfortunatly that will turn gold as it gets older and not stay green, and like almost all species of geckos it is nocturnal. I finally managed to get a day gecko, which has beautiful green and red colors, and also is active during the day(hence the name.)

As luck has it, this one just might be pregnant, since it was shipped and has been kept with a male and another female, and its glands are swollen. Which would be great considering these are quite expensive.

I will swap out the video later for a better one that shows the colorful red spots on its back better, but it was pretty camera shy and ran across the glass too quick for me to get a close shot.

Yes, I got my girlfriend a Lizard for her 21st birthday. Yes this is a good gift, because she likes lizards, snakes, anime, computer hardware, and video games. This sort of girl does actually exist.

Xbox Live

My 135 Gallon Multi-environment Terrarium and the inhabitants

Cory Maddox @ 2:21 am Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Soo… to continue the story about the lizards I started earlier. The weekend after July 4th I took another camping trip up to Pine Flat. The fishing was average at best, but the lizarding was fantastic. Over the period of a single day and a half I ended up catching 5 Western Fence Lizards, 3 California Skinks, 3 Garter Snakes, and 1 Alligator Lizard. I took 3 of the Fence Lizards, 2 Skinks, 1 Alligator Lizard, and 2 Garter Snakes home.

Due to the amount of reptiles I caught, my cousin gave me her 135 Gallon Aquarium. The thing was a bitch to move honestly. Just me and my girlfriend moved it from the cousin’s house into my apartment. My apartment on the second floor. Unfortunatly it was about 400 pounds so that was pretty painful and akward, but we got it going and all set up. At this point is when I started burning cash due to the inexperience of setting one of these things up.

Read on to find out everything that happened during the setup, as well as see more videos of all the inhabitants.

Mad Fishing Skillz

Cory Maddox @ 12:44 pm Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Cory + Fishing Pole + Water + 2 hours = Dinner for 10.
Cory + Hands + Goggles + Water + 2 hours = Dinner for 3.

While I may know a lot about anime, and a lot about games, my real specality and interest lies in fishing. I have been fishing since I was extremely young, and have always been excellent at it. You can say fishing is luck all you want, until you get next to someone who excels at it, and that goes right out the window. I am actually a really friendly guy, and enjoy helping peple, and so on, but when it comes to fishing I get an enjoyment out of going near peple who have been fising for hours (if not days while camping) and showing them up. It know its bad, but I cant help but smile when I catch fish after fish next to people who have not gotten a bite for hours. This does not happen every time, but it happens often. I do pretty good fising at lakes, but when I am at a creek or small river I can do unbelievable things.

R.I.P. Tiger Whiptail

Cory Maddox @ 10:05 am Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Rest in peace, (and unfortunatly pieces), my little lizard friend. Two weeks ago durning my 9 day vacation I headed up to Mammoth Pool near Yosimite for some fishing and camping. While I was up there, with the help of my two young cousins distracting it, I managed to catch an elusive tiger whiptail. These lizards are lightning fast, moving the distance of a football field in mere seconds. Was excited to finally have one of these, since I had tried catching them before to no avail. I used a fishing pole with a very loose noose to slip around its next while my cousins scared it where I needed it to be. BAM….


Scott Rippee @ 10:30 pm Sunday, June 11th, 2006


I did a hike up to Yosemite falls this last Saturday. It was really beautiful up there! It was a 3.4 mile hike each way, but was quite steep making it quite draining. Unfornately I forgot my camera. so these pics are from my phone. They are still able to capture some of the beauty.