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HOT: Get a Vista RC1 Key

Cory Maddox @ 4:09 pm Monday, September 11th, 2006

For those of you who need a valid key for Vista RC1 just follow this link. Its a backdoor to the Microsoft page that gives out keys. This is most likely what they will be linking to their Vista RC1 page sometime later this week.

So enjoy. Just follow the link, log into the Microsoft page and confirm your information, and you will be given a key. You can actually get two keys per account you have. :) The link is an official Microsoft link, and not some phishing site.

Get a Vista RC1 Key

Vista Key

Xbox Live

Xbox 360 total cost after only 7 months = 679$, Cheaper than a PS3 ? I think not.

Cory Maddox @ 4:22 pm Friday, August 4th, 2006

I guess I could blame myself for this, for trusting that Microsoft would actually release a reliable piece of hardware. During the first three months of the Xbox 360 release, when all the problems were cropping up and people were getting their replacement units quickly from Microsoft, I guess I felt kinda lucky that I did not have any issues, and that I had a unit which was running flawlessly. But today I learnt that I would have been better off having a problem then. Then I would have actually got my issue taken care of in a reasonable manner and mabey got a unit that was not from the first batch of trash.

While a friend was over last night I decided to toss in Fight Night Round 3 and start up a game, but as soon as the game loaded my sound system started screaming and the video went out of synch then locked up. About 4 seconds later the screen went black and I got three lovely red LED’s on the front of my Xbox 360.


Undeniable proof that video games can be art.

Cory Maddox @ 10:03 pm Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

While I was gaming earlier tonight, wandering around aimlessly in a beautiful artistic world, I decided to make this post. The mental trigger to make this post was a passing thought of how absurd the negative press on gaming has been lately. Everywhere you look the past few years, there are politicians and lawyers jumping on the “games cause kids to kill” train. Regardless of the facts that state that youth crime rates are at an all time low and the studies that show video games help build critical thinking and cause children to think more. They spout biased studies that have no real proof of anything, and sometimes even flat out lies. Instead of accepting the reality that BAD PARENTING levels are at an all time high, and getting worse every day, they ignore this and try to pass laws and regulations. As far as I am concerned, this not only helps nothing at all, but actually gives parents even more room to do less.

I cannot fathom how people do not look at some of these games and see them as breathtaking. There have been many games that could be seen as art, with amazing soundtracks and stunning visuals, such as Shadows of the Colossus. The game I am playing tonight though is like a moving painting, with almost every single frame being worthy of a screen capture. Currently it is only avaliable in Japan, but will be out here soon. Each new area I make it to in the game is more beautiful than the previous, so I wanted to post this video I recorded of just a single tiny area, that by itself could be art. This tiny section is just the corner of a portrait that anti-game peple would never see, because of voilence.

Download AVI File


Cory Maddox @ 8:26 pm Friday, July 28th, 2006

George Eats Dinner

I think the title says it all.

Xbox Live

Image Board Up and Running

Cory Maddox @ 11:26 pm Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

I finally set up my own host name through BlueHost yesterday so I could experiment with different things before I try to implement anything here. Check out the first thing I implemented last night. Set up my own Image/message board. It is based on the anonymous model, with no registration required. Was a pain to get it to look how I wanted to, but I got all the framework done and my basic layout complete. :) Just click the image to check it out, and feel free to post an image or message or whatever.

Image Board

What this also means is we have more bandwidth and space to work with here at Fat Penguin if we ever need it.

Xbox Live

Treo, Valuble when the lights go away… but at what cost ?

Cory Maddox @ 2:08 pm Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

So, while I was watching Rippee last night his power went out I was able to get this photo showing how amazingly bright his Treo actually is.
I thought it was going to burn a hole through his ceiling.


The lights came back on right as the beams from his Treo started to fade, and that got me wondering how such a device could be charged on a simple household outlet alone. Just as that thought entered my head he pocketed his device and headed out. I decided to follow him to see if it could possible do anything else other than just light up the sky. What I found out was horrifying.


Xbox Live

Amazing Ukulele Playing

Cory Maddox @ 3:16 am Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

I just had to post this video. My brother was over at my house while we were playing DND and had us check this video out. This guy is most certainly the best Ukulele player I have ever heard in my life. Especially near the end, the guy is simply amazing. He does not miss a single beat, and stays on tune the entire time.

Xbox Live

My 135 Gallon Multi-environment Terrarium and the inhabitants

Cory Maddox @ 2:21 am Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Soo… to continue the story about the lizards I started earlier. The weekend after July 4th I took another camping trip up to Pine Flat. The fishing was average at best, but the lizarding was fantastic. Over the period of a single day and a half I ended up catching 5 Western Fence Lizards, 3 California Skinks, 3 Garter Snakes, and 1 Alligator Lizard. I took 3 of the Fence Lizards, 2 Skinks, 1 Alligator Lizard, and 2 Garter Snakes home.

Due to the amount of reptiles I caught, my cousin gave me her 135 Gallon Aquarium. The thing was a bitch to move honestly. Just me and my girlfriend moved it from the cousin’s house into my apartment. My apartment on the second floor. Unfortunatly it was about 400 pounds so that was pretty painful and akward, but we got it going and all set up. At this point is when I started burning cash due to the inexperience of setting one of these things up.

Read on to find out everything that happened during the setup, as well as see more videos of all the inhabitants.

Angry Emily Angers YouTube Users

Cory Maddox @ 12:58 pm Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

While following up on the post I made about the woman who was getting revenge on her cheating husband, I went to her page and checked out the video she posted. Upon further research tough I found that this appears to be a viral marketing campaign. That billboard was posted in both LA and New York. It appears to be trying to cash in on the whole blog/youtube boom.

The very first comment on YouTube after the video was posted gave links showing how it is false, and following that was quite a few people who are not quite happy at the use of youtube and a blog to use trickery(lies) to present a betrayed women getting revenge.


Just thought I would follow up before someone comments on my original post and does it for me. ;)

My opinion though, good idea if it gets enough people watching it. The normal person does not go read comments and probably will not find out it is a big bundle of lies and trickery.

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Angry Emily

Cory Maddox @ 10:27 am Tuesday, July 18th, 2006


Came across this and thought it was great. I had to link this so more people could see. That guy just got completly owned by his soon to be ex-wife. We know who the smart one is in that relationship. This is why you do not seriously cross or upset women. :)

Looking forward to seeing what else she does over the next 14 days. Nice job Emily.

Xbox Live

Mad Fishing Skillz

Cory Maddox @ 12:44 pm Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Cory + Fishing Pole + Water + 2 hours = Dinner for 10.
Cory + Hands + Goggles + Water + 2 hours = Dinner for 3.

While I may know a lot about anime, and a lot about games, my real specality and interest lies in fishing. I have been fishing since I was extremely young, and have always been excellent at it. You can say fishing is luck all you want, until you get next to someone who excels at it, and that goes right out the window. I am actually a really friendly guy, and enjoy helping peple, and so on, but when it comes to fishing I get an enjoyment out of going near peple who have been fising for hours (if not days while camping) and showing them up. It know its bad, but I cant help but smile when I catch fish after fish next to people who have not gotten a bite for hours. This does not happen every time, but it happens often. I do pretty good fising at lakes, but when I am at a creek or small river I can do unbelievable things.

R.I.P. Tiger Whiptail

Cory Maddox @ 10:05 am Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Rest in peace, (and unfortunatly pieces), my little lizard friend. Two weeks ago durning my 9 day vacation I headed up to Mammoth Pool near Yosimite for some fishing and camping. While I was up there, with the help of my two young cousins distracting it, I managed to catch an elusive tiger whiptail. These lizards are lightning fast, moving the distance of a football field in mere seconds. Was excited to finally have one of these, since I had tried catching them before to no avail. I used a fishing pole with a very loose noose to slip around its next while my cousins scared it where I needed it to be. BAM….

Anime Number 9 on my List: Brutal Story Telling

Cory Maddox @ 2:59 pm Friday, March 10th, 2006

Number 9 - Gantz
spaceThis anime forced its way onto my list last year. It had came out a few years previous, but I did not get around to watching it until I located the uncut version. I went into this knowing little to nothing about it at all, other than I had heard it is a must watch from a few friends. WHY it is a must watch though I was never told. I was not told what genre it was or even what the story as about. So I went into it with no real expectations, and honestly my hopes were not high since there had been a LARGE amount of bad animes being released. Or animes that I held no interest in at all. For those who do not know, in a period of a year in Japan there is typically 100 new anime series introduced. Sometimes many more, sometimes a couple less. Only a few are actual gems. Most are just the same ole thing with different characters.

spaceSoo number 9: Gantz. The first thing that drew my attention when I put on the first episode of this was the quality of the artwork. It was exceptional. The animations on the characters were smooth, the backgrounds were detailed, and the whole theme and coloring of the anime had a much more realistic tone than most animes I had been seeing lately. It was not bright and colorful at all. The anime started with a run through a subway to what looked to be a high school student. As the anime passed people it showed what they were thinking about other people in the subway, mostly complaints or people worrying about being somewhere quickly.


Anime Number 10 on my List: Getting Back My Interest

Cory Maddox @ 2:58 pm Friday, March 10th, 2006

Number 10 - Get Backers

space When I started watching this I knew nothing about it. It was one of the many animes that came out during an onslaught of titles during the release season. I had went through 9 animes before this and had seen nothing even close to impressive yet. Mostly they were just sports animes and unimpressive schoolkid romance/comedies. The title interested me but I was really worried it was going to be another romance comedy about people who try to get back together or help other people get back together. When I put on the first episode I was pleasantly suprised.


My Top 10 Anime List: What got me into anime

Cory Maddox @ 11:24 am Friday, March 10th, 2006

Me, My Anime Choices, and Why

space I figured my first post on anime should be part of a series of posts going over my Top 10 preferred animes. Why I like them, the good and the bad about them, what other animes I almost put into that slot but did not make it. I have been an into japanese animation for about 10 years. Its not something I just recently picked up when DBZ aired on TV. I have followed it online since I first got into the internet, and watched it any chance I could while I grew up. I loved the japanimation week that the Sci-fi channel would have when I was much younger, but other than renting things that was about the only way I was able to access it when I was younger.

space In 1999 I found a releasing group on AOL and thats when I got into it much more. Yes I know many of you cry foul when I mention AOL, but it was an amazingly easy way to get anime. You would go into a chat room called Animatrix and send a request to join a mailing list. Anytime anthing new was uploaded by one of the members in the group it would go straight to your email box and you could download it at your own leisure. In addition you could queue up downloads from aol and you always got full speed, reminescant of newsgroups. It was perfect for the time, as there was not the plethora of choices there are today such as BitTorrent, Newgroups, Direct Downloads, and more.

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