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Future PSWii60 Combo

Cory Maddox @ 5:56 pm October 13th, 2006

October and November this year are going to be expensive, expensive, expensive. :)


Wiiiiii. :)

Luckily I was able to take care of both my Wii and PS3 pre-order this week. Now I will be able to avoid the insane PS3 shortages at launch, and more importantly, I will not loose an arm to the angry soccer mothers looking to get “The new Nintendo, console thingie” for their little Billies and Stephanies.

STampede for Wii

The months of September to November have been and will continue to be amazing for console gaming. Final Fantasy 12, Okami, Persona 3 (Devil Summoner), Zelda Twilight Princess, Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi 2, as well as two new console launches.

Xbox Live

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  1. mistablawk Says:

    how will it help the future society?

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