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Games to look forward to: Xbox 360 Edition

Cory Maddox @ 5:08 pm January 11th, 2007

Welcome to the first part of my series of articles covering the games I am anticipating the most. These articles will include screenshots and some information on the games. The first console I am covering will be the Xbox 360.

Fable 2
This is an action/adventure follow up to Fable 1. If the creative team behind this can get it to match all of the promises of the first game, which were not even closely met, it will be a strong contender for Action/Adventure game of the year for 2007. I myself believe that they will go beyond what they promised with the first one and suprise a lot of people, with a long and replayable game.

Eternal Sonata
This is a RPG with a very original concept, and I love the anime style artwork. The pictures do not do the animation and fluidness of the game justice.
Basis of the game story: “On October 17, 1949, Frederic Chopin, one of the most influential composers for the piano, succumbed to sickness and died at the young age of 39. Three hours prior to that, in the world according to this RPG, Chopin saw a dream of a fairy-tale land populated by people with incurable diseases but also magical powers.”

Blue Dragon
This is the first RPG being released by Mistwalker studios. The new studio founded by Sakaguchi, the Final Fantasy originator. They have Akira Toriyama doing the artwork and Nobuo Uematsu doing the music. This game outsold Zelda in Japan and the Xbox 360’s Japanese success is riding on it succeding there.

Lost Odyssey
This is the second game being released by Mistwalker. The playstyle is classic turn base but the story and things possible will offer some great twists. You have been condemed to live as an immortal for a thousand years for a war crime, and the game takes place over that time. You live through multiple lifetimes and when party members die, they are gone for good, though you can absorb their abilities. The FMV in this game is amazing, and on par with the very best from Squaresoft. The opening scene alone was movie quality.

Oneebarachan: Vortex
Not much to say. This is a pure hack and slash. You are a sexy female and you are fighting armies of zombies and monsters. I am hoping this makes it to the US.

I do not normally look forward to shooters on consoles. Gears of War though has shown me that they can be done well, and seeing this game has got my hopes up that another great one is coming. The entire setting of the game is quite creepy and I am looking forward to it.

Culdcept Saga
Cannot beat this. The game plays like a fantasy based monopoly, but you actually battle for control of the board with attack and defense cards. Creatures, spells, items, and instants. Who can forget the epic battles. GIANT RAT… versus…. RED DRAGON.
Of all the games I have listed, this one has the largest potential fun factor and play time. The original culdcept has even spawned tournaments in many other countries, though it was a sleeper in the US. With online functionality this should be great.

That is it for now. The next post will cover the top titles I am looking forward to on the PS3. After that will be the Wii. Finally the PC.

Yes. Halo 3 is not in my top list for the 360. I have not even played Halo 2, so I am not waiting for 3 right now. :) Gears of War is fine till I catch up.
Xbox Live

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  3. shortysean Says:

    you seem to like one kind of game… and i was looking for good games to buy…..

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  5. Splitty Says:

    Hey give the guy/gal a break dicks RPG shits over every other genre

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