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Image Board Up and Running

Cory Maddox @ 11:26 pm July 26th, 2006

I finally set up my own host name through BlueHost yesterday so I could experiment with different things before I try to implement anything here. Check out the first thing I implemented last night. Set up my own Image/message board. It is based on the anonymous model, with no registration required. Was a pain to get it to look how I wanted to, but I got all the framework done and my basic layout complete. :) Just click the image to check it out, and feel free to post an image or message or whatever.

Image Board

What this also means is we have more bandwidth and space to work with here at Fat Penguin if we ever need it.

Xbox Live

One Response to “Image Board Up and Running”

  1. Scott Rippee Says:

    Nice, I have a feeling that you’ll have a load of content on that thing pretty quick. :)

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