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Japanese, Dual Katana Wielding, Bikini Wearing, Cowboy Samurai Zombie Slaying Xbox 360 Game.

Cory Maddox @ 3:53 pm October 18th, 2006

What more is there to say?

Oneechanbara VorteX

Oneechanbara VorteX

I wonder who thought up the concept of this game…

Exec #1: We really need to penetrate the Japanese market, if we want to stand any chance during this next generation showdown.
Exec #2: So all we have to do is combine all the things the Japanese might like into one game, and we are guarenteed a hit.
Three hours of market research later….. (checked random DBZ forums)
Exec #1: We have DONE IT. The market research has shown us that the Japanese want Women in Bikinis, Katanas, Samurai, and Zombie Slaying. This is brilliant.
Marketing: It is not American enough for our console’s “Image”. It is completly lacking in racing, and World War 2 aspects.
Exec #2: No worries, we have that covered also, the main heroin will wear…. a cowboy hat, nothing more American than that.
Modeler: Oh hell yes I will model that.
Game Programmer: Huh…. guess it couldn’t be any worse than programming the physics to trap a monkey in a plastic ball.

In all seriousness, I will probably buy it. It has pretty good graphics, and I love cutting up zombies with a sword. The actual game name is Oneechanbara VorteX. This is the only info I could gather on the gameplay.

As you cut down zombies a few things occur. Blood covers your sword, and the longer you go without cleaning the blood off with a quick swipe in the air, the duller your sword will become, and the slower your attacks will be. In addition, your sword can get stuck inside zombies if it gets too dull, and then you get trampled by the zombies.

If your character gets covered in enough blood, she goes into a blood rage where her powers become amplified greatly, but she starts to die, until you find a way to purify her. :)

Here is to hoping it makes it to the US.

Xbox Live

7 Responses to “Japanese, Dual Katana Wielding, Bikini Wearing, Cowboy Samurai Zombie Slaying Xbox 360 Game.”

  1. Scott Rippee Says:

    This is Cory’s dream game! lol

  2. Kellie Says:

    Oh my dear, where do you find these things… It’s ridiculous…. yet I’m sure you will buy and play it.

  3. Blow m# Bi@T(h Thiger Wee Says:


  4. Zetsuei Says:

    wow this looks like an awesome game. i love games with a hot character. makes it so much better

  5. Kellie Says:

    I remember when Cory first showed me this game back when the Xbox 360 had just came out, only Cory would be the first few to dig it up…. Yep, they sure did it. Cory’s dream game for sure. I noticed the belly button ring and everything, they went all out. Now if only she was a young japanese girl….

  6. Tiger Shark Says:

    Very Nice, but what about a knife wielding Tomb Raider diving game? That would be the ultimate game for me. See Link Below:



  7. sordatos Says:

    Is Japanese series ,its a port from PS2. So it not something new to atrac japanese market…….

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