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Undeniable proof that video games can be art.

Cory Maddox @ 10:03 pm August 1st, 2006

While I was gaming earlier tonight, wandering around aimlessly in a beautiful artistic world, I decided to make this post. The mental trigger to make this post was a passing thought of how absurd the negative press on gaming has been lately. Everywhere you look the past few years, there are politicians and lawyers jumping on the “games cause kids to kill” train. Regardless of the facts that state that youth crime rates are at an all time low and the studies that show video games help build critical thinking and cause children to think more. They spout biased studies that have no real proof of anything, and sometimes even flat out lies. Instead of accepting the reality that BAD PARENTING levels are at an all time high, and getting worse every day, they ignore this and try to pass laws and regulations. As far as I am concerned, this not only helps nothing at all, but actually gives parents even more room to do less.

I cannot fathom how people do not look at some of these games and see them as breathtaking. There have been many games that could be seen as art, with amazing soundtracks and stunning visuals, such as Shadows of the Colossus. The game I am playing tonight though is like a moving painting, with almost every single frame being worthy of a screen capture. Currently it is only avaliable in Japan, but will be out here soon. Each new area I make it to in the game is more beautiful than the previous, so I wanted to post this video I recorded of just a single tiny area, that by itself could be art. This tiny section is just the corner of a portrait that anti-game peple would never see, because of voilence.

Download AVI File

Many of you have seen screenshots of this game, and even some videos of the starting areas, but beyond what those have shown are some absolutely stunning visuals. The detail down to every leaf and cloud is a work of art. So to Clover Studio: I salute you for bringing this work of art to the PS2 Console. I almost feel the need to apologize for degrading the quality by taking this video with a standard Canon Powershot camera. In person it is all the more beautiful. Okami, the definition of moving, interactive art.

Here is a second video showing some actual gameplay, aka violence. It shows the monster hit list, as well as taking out two monsters from the list with two different weapons and the paintbrush. This is also original content I recorded on 07-31-06.

Download AVI File


Wallpaper at 1920x1200

Wallpaper at 1600x1200

Note: Whoops, sorry about the audio in the second video, heh. Did not realize I took this one while the girlfriend was listening to an audio book.
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3 Responses to “Undeniable proof that video games can be art.”

  1. Bucho Says:

    You bastard! You didn’t tell me you got this game already!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Japanese version. :) Couldn’t wait. I am about 20% of the way through the game, I BELIEVE.

  3. NONE Says:

    You Mutha Fuckin Right!

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