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Averatec 6200 laptop deconstruction

Scott Rippee @ 12:25 am February 22nd, 2006

This is a quick guide on taking apart an Averatec 6200 laptop. 

averatec mobo view

There’s nothing like dismantling a laptop to see if it still works when you get it back together, so this is what Max and myself decided to do.  Many moons ago I stood up quickly when the laptop was on my lap.  It had an ethernet cable plugged into it and this ripped the cable right out and broke the plastic that holds the connector in was broken.  We wanted to see if there was a part/model number on the rj45 connector or the module that houses the rj45, phone jack, and usb ports to see if it would be possible to order a replacement.

You may want to think twice before trying this at home.  This guy destroyed the ability to power his averatec up after taking it apart.

Per Bucho’s note and to reflect the order that I actually did this in unplug and take out the battery before proceeding

The first thing we did was take out the harddrive.  It turned out that we didn’t need to but here is how its done.

averatec hard drive inside of here

And pull that plastic loop:

averatec remove harddrive

You will want to start the dismantling process by taking the screws out of the bottom of the case.  These two screws are longer than all of the others:

averatec big screw 2averatec big screw 1

To get the top casing off you will need to take the cdrom out to get to some screws.  Remove these two screws (you have to breark the warranty sticker to remove one of these screws):

averatec remove warranty screwaveratec screws holding cdrom in

averatec cdrom slides out

Remove the battery and then you will remove the first piece of snapon casing like this (make sure the LCD is lying flat so that the piece can come off):

averatec remove top part of top casing

After that the keyboard is ready to be removed.  This is trivial as each side just needs to be popped out over the nub and is done with a screw driver.  (note that underneath the laptop is a wire that connects the touchpad to the motherboard):

averatec pop keyboard off

Remove the touchpad ribbon by slidding the plastic tabs out from each side by where it is connected.  After that piece is slid out the ribon should be loose.

averatec keyboard ribbonaveratec removing keyboard ribbon

The wireless antenna wires run over the piece of metal under the keyboard and then run up into the LCD.  Since we have to remove the wires from here we are just as well to remove the LCD and now it will not get injured.  First you will need to disconnect the wireless cards antennas wires.  So flip the bad boy over and open up the big part on the bottom:

averatec removing large casing from bottom.

Check out that copper!  No wonder this baby runs hot:

averatec bottom hot 2.

You will see the wireless card in there.  Remove the antenna wires:

averatec network card remove antenna

And remove the card if you so desire:

averatec remove netwok cardaveratec wireless card

Then push the antenna wires through the hole to the top of the laptop, undo the tape and let the wires hang free:

averatec push antenna through hole

averatec remove antenna tape

Next disconnect the wires plugged into one side from the monitor and remove theses screws that are holding on the LCD (and bottom screws for the LCD if not done already):

averatec remove plug to remove monitoraveratec lcd screws

averatec mobo view

Now you have a perfectly good frisbee.  Have fun.

averatec frisbee

Taking off the last pice of casing is done by removing some more screws:

averatec taking off casing behind keyboard

and the screws that were hidden by the cdrom drive:

averatec remove screws behind harddrive

You will need to slide out a piece of plastic by where its small ribion is connected to remove it:

averatec remove small ribon that top buttons connect to mobo

Now all of the parts are pretty much exposed.  We were able to get to and remove the rj45/phone/usb module and search for the parts.  I was actually able to find the part here, but give me a break, 79 dollars is a little to much for this little piece.  We were actually able to find the rj45/rj11 hardware and this cool schematic of them.  I believe Max found the part through Sierra IC INC , so I’m considering giving them a call to see how much and how many I would have to buy.

averatec rj45 rj11 usb module

Here are some other place you can find Averatec parts at notebookparts.com, I didn’t see the part that I need there though, and at laptoprepairparts.com, they had the module for the expensive price.

Proof that it still works:

averatec still works

averatec still works 2

And if anyone is wondering, Unbuntu works perfectly on this laptop.  As if it were made for it.  The only thing that has to be manually configured was the rl2500 drivers.  You may also have trouble finding packges in the repos built for 64 bit.

Check out those boomin’ speakers:

averatec speaker

279 Responses to “Averatec 6200 laptop deconstruction”

  1. bucho Says:

    Disclaimer:  On any battery operated device the first step must be to remove the battery if possible.  Until you do that the device is esstentially powered on (electricity is in certain circuits even though it is not "powered on").  One slip and your device could become a paperweight.  This should be followed especially when working on a device you know nothing about (e.g. reverse engineering… which is what is being done above to a certain degree).  Trust me, I have Maxed many many things in the past.  Laughing

    Bucho’s Wikipedia - "Maxed" refers to F-ing something up!  (Sorry Max)  Also see "Mitched"  (Sorry Mitch)

  2. Scott Rippee Says:

    Okay… over at wikipedia.com there seem to be some haters who didn’t believe that the Maxed article was valid, but here is a screen shot I got of it.

    wikipedia maxed small

  3. bucho Says:

    Haha… thats hilarious, "the text is unsalvaegably incoherant"  Smile

  4. Max Says:

    The wiki entry has been maxed…

  5. Scott Rippee Says:

    haha  Yeah I thought about tyring to reestablish it as an article but I couldn’t think any arguments that would be convincing other than it deserves its own phrase.  The url that it was at before "speedy deletion" was http://en.wikipedia.com/wiki/Maxed

    I just noticed that this crazy guy had deleted it. lol

  6. randy goad Says:

    i have a averatec 6100 looks just like yours,my modem wont hang up,do you know if my modem being on all the time would keep my ethernet port from working ? It dosnt work at all even though device manager says its fine.

    thanks randy

  7. JonTG Says:

    Just so you know, this post has been a great benifit to many at http://www.averatecforums.com. On behalf of the users there, thanks alot!

  8. Scott Rippee Says:

    Thanks. I only wish that my Averatec would not randomly shut off all of the time. When I first got it it was very rare, only when I was doing heavy processing stuff or DVD ripping. Now it will not even stay on long enough for me to get an OS installed. Its always had heat problems so I guess those have finally taken over and I don’t want to pay to have it repaired.

    So I guess it will continue sitting on the book shelf.

  9. JonTG Says:

    The answer to that solution is on our forums. The solution is usually just a cleaning problem. If that doesn’t work try applying new thermal paste. I had the same problem you describe but blowing out the vents every month or so cures it.

  10. GREG Says:

    I Eliminated an accumulator.
    I can not eliminate the first piece of snapon, casing.
    LCD lies trivial

  11. Greg Says:

    Averatec 6235.
    I Eliminated an accumulator.
    I can not eliminate the first piece of snapon, casing.
    LCD lies trivial

  12. Scott Says:

    You need to eliminate the accumulator

  13. Mat Says:

    hola tego una averatec 6200 y me parece buena aunque ya un poco arasada en caracteristicas, con eso de windows vista y graficos adelantados, pero pienso pintarla y estas instrucciones me van a ayudar de mucho, ya que la pintura original es algo chafa y se despinta, bueno espero entiendan lo que digo.

    hi this is a good website, i like, because i have a averatec 6200, and i wish paint it, i from mexico, in the city of atlixco in puebla state, good and animo.

  14. Laptop Freak Says:

    Hi there,
    That’s a nice guide, bookmarked!
    I do the same with Toshiba laptops. I’ve created over 50 guides already.
    If you are interested you can find them here: http://www.irisvista.com/tech/

  15. JOHN ANAYA Says:




  16. doc Says:

    randy goad ;

    i had problems with my modem not connecting until i physically disconnected other computers from the phone line.
    another factor was that i had upgraded my os without uninstalling the averatec version. (winxp home to winxp pro). save the drivers you need from the averatec reinstall disc and install your new os fresh, then install the drivers you need.

  17. Scott Says:

    “# JonTG Says:
    August 24th, 2006 at 11:15 pm

    The answer to that solution is on our forums. The solution is usually just a cleaning problem. If that doesn’t work try applying new thermal paste. I had the same problem you describe but blowing out the vents every month or so cures it.”

    I’ve tried all of these but the thing still has the damn shutting off problem. When I took the heatsink off of the processor the thermal padd was hard and cracked up. I cleaned it off and replaced it with good thermal stuff (artic silver or something). I then very excitidly began installing the OS and it made it to the 3rd cd before randomly shutting off.

    I strongly discourage anyone from purchasing this brand of laptop. I really miss when I got to use mine.

  18. Vince Says:

    As you may know this laptop gets extremely hot because the fan is located on the bottom of the laptop.

    I recently bought OCZ thermal compound to help alliviate the problem of overheating put do not know where to apply it.

    Do I apply it on the heatsink on the motherboard? What exact disassembly procedure do i need to do that? Because I don’t want to take my entire laptop apart.


  19. Scott Rippee Says:

    If you want to put thermal compound on the thing you are going to need to open up the bottom of the laptop. Then you have to take off the metal stuff that has the fans and blows the air out of the laptop. If I remember right this just pulls off but is a slight tight fit.

    Under there you will find the heatsink that sits on top of the processor. You will want to take that off and then you will see the processor core.

    You need to get all of the old thermal pad off of the heat sink and the core using rubbing alcohol or the fingernail polish remover that has a certain ingredient…. (acetone I think). It took me a long time (15 or 30 minutes) to get all of the thermal pad off when scrubbing it with q-tips.

    Next you just put a small amount of thermal compound on the die of the chip and reset and screw in the heat sink.

    Good luck

  20. Vince Says:

    Is it possible for you to send me a pic of what the heatsink looks like?

    Thanks it would help alot in applying the thermal paste :)

  21. Bernie Says:

    Hi, i have a 6200 series and it won’t recognize that i have a blank cd in the drive and keeps asking me for one when i put one in. do i need to reinstall the drivers? ifso, how do you do this to this laptop. i heard to take out the cd/dvd drive, reboot, turn off, put back in and reboot again. how you get this drive out?

  22. Scott Rippee Says:


    The part I circled in red is the heatsink. DONT apply the thermal paste to the top of it. Remove the four screws to take it off and then you will see where the thermal pad is between the heatsink and the cpu. Remove the thermal pad and then put a little bit of your thermal past on the CPU’s core click the top right.

    averatec heatsink

  23. Rich Says:

    Hey Scott, thanks alot man! I fought with this 6200 ever since I was having problems with it in Iraq.

    The rig is back up and running, thanks to you.


  24. Werner Heuser Says:

    I have made a link to this guide at Repair4Laptop ( http://repair4laptop.org/disassembly_averatec.html ). Repair4Laptop is a repository of free laptop and notebook repair, modding and upgrade guides.

  25. Greg Says:

    After transporting of computer Averatec 6235
    LCD monitor was almost black.
    The image is hardly visible,
    I thank for the help
    With kind regards,


  26. Max Says:


    Use this image:

    All you got to do is undo the two screws, pull them out, and then pull out the whole CD drive. It uses a standard miniature IDE connected you’ll find on any laptop CD/DVD drive.

    Hope this helps.

  27. Scott Rippee Says:


    The fist thing that you should check is that the brightness did not get turned down. To do this:
    Turn on the lap top,
    Press the Fn key (bottom left) and the F4 key

    See if this make the screen get brighter. If not check the cables that run from the mother board to the monitor to see if they are all plugged in tight.

  28. Eliah Says:

    hey guys i just stumbled on your page..i have a question i have the 6200 model and suddenly one day it quit working it just wont turn on anymore i have it plugged into the wall and the orange light is on but nothing it wont power up or anything? do you think this could be a bad battery or something else? thanks alot
    Lexington, KY

  29. Max Says:


    Well, the first thing to do is take out your battery and run directly on AC power. This would rule out a battery problem. If your battery was fully charged when the laptop quit working then it sounds like the power supply on the motherboard is busted. Unfortunatelly power supply is integrated into the motherboard (The little board just houses the plug). If you can find a replacement motherboard on eBay or something you should be able to use this guide to replace it. Good luck.

  30. caain Says:

    i have two 6210’s and one was sadly thrown to the ground by a 3 year old, landing on its power jack. Tore it down using this guide and resoldered the jack, works like a charm. Thank you very much for posting this guide.

  31. dare Says:

    anyone find where the USB chip is on the 6130 model or where one would get one ? i think mine is flaking out when getting warm

  32. Steph n Stone Says:

    Hey there, great site! I have a 6240 that we recently had to send to averatec to replace the defective part (that usb/DC power thing), which they did - and free! Looking over the invoice, it appears they may have replaced the system board too.

    Trouble is, my sound no longer works. No speaker, no headphones, and Windows XP insists everything is working fine (no it isn’t muted =)). Is it possible the sound wasn’t properly reattached somehow? If so, where would I look for that? I’ve taken apart the machine a couple of times now, and only after the professionals fixed it have I had any problems.

    Thanks again for the informative site,


  33. CFster Says:

    My 6240 went dead after my kid poured water on the keyboard. I took it completely apart and dried everything. Nothing seemed to be “burnt” from shorting out, but it still doesn’t work.

    Absolutely nothing happens when I turn it on. The DVD player doesn’t work either. Doesn’t matter if I have the A/C adapter plugged in or not.

    Does anybody think it could be the power board? Or is it the motherboard?

  34. Scott Says:

    Sorry to hear about your laptop. :(

    With water damage you are not going to know what is messed up until you test each component in the laptop (ram, harddrive, motherboard, power supply. Assuming that the motherboard or power are messed up (since it can’t even play the DVD) you could dish out the money for those and find that it still doesn’t work because of yet another component.

    Good luck

  35. mstigge Says:

    My 6200 model won’t get an internet signal either wirelessly or with an ethernet connection, it has been making a random “buzz” noise every once in a while for quite some time. I don’t know if this would be a hardware problem or a software problem. Please advise. Thank you

  36. Ron Mayfield Says:

    I just bought a used 6210×80 with a broken power connector. some jerk decided to DIG AROUND with a sharp instrument to see if he could FIX the problem. He managed to trash the network/modem cable and scratch up the power board pretty well. I rigged another power connector, but haven’t been able to get the network connector to work. It shows as working and actually connects. The problem is, it’s so slow it won’t open a web page. I’m hoping a new cable I just ordered will fix the problem. Any one know anything more than me?
    Thanks, Ron

  37. Max Says:

    It sounds like your ethernet card works, but the connection to the card itself (which is on the motherboard) is so bad that it’s having problems passing packets around. You might have the transmit lines working but the receive wires were nicked or cut. Since the ethernet connector on the power board is just a plug and the network card relies on the ribbon cable for connection it’s basically like working with a really busted network cable.

    Another thing to check would be cut traces on the board itself. If the previous owner did cut them you’ll be able to identify the cuts fairly easily. To fix the broken traces use a small knife to strip a small portion of the green paint that covers the traces before and after the break. You literally need less then a millimeter of exposed trace. Use your soldering iron and a little bit of solder to connect the traces again. Be careful to not short the adjacent traces if they are close together. If you’re in Radio Shack buying the equipment to do this get some soldering wick. It will save you a lot of time if you mess up and need to clean up the board. Good luck!

    By the way, It’s great that you were able to order parts for this laptop. They are usually really hard to come by.

  38. mstigge Says:

    Any thoughts on why I can’t get an internet signal? Thanks, Matt

  39. Scott Rippee Says:


    My guess is a software problem, just because it seems unlikely that your Ethernet and wireless both broke at the same time.

    The easiest way to find out will be to back up your data and reinstall windows. Or put a Linux live boot CD in and see if the internet works when that OS boots.
    I happen to know that PCLinux boots up perfectly on the averatec with the ethernet and wireless working.

  40. Ron Mayfield Says:

    I was able to find the part I needed for my 6210 by doing an advanced search for completed auctions for averatec 62**. I contacted the sellers to see if anyone had the part I needed. Hope none of the Ebay cops are watching. They don’t like people to do an end run on them. That’s why they have gone to blind bidders( no real bidder ID’s).They call it security!
    I call it protecting their money pot. Sorry for the soap box!

  41. Brian Gray Says:

    Hi, I am in the UK and have a series 6220 averatec. Powerboard blew, CD/RW broke repaired under waranty but took 8 weeks… Now at boot up … windows could not start becasue the following file is missing or corrupt…\system32\ntoskrnl.exe please reinsatll a copy of the above file.
    I can’t get anything to work and they dont issue a reload CD in the Uk for some reason.
    Has anyone any suggestions please ?

  42. Max Says:

    Use the Windows XP CD (I assume you are using XP) and boot from it. From there go into the Recovery Console. You’ll get a command prompt and it will ask you to log into your Windows installation. I really hope you set your Administrator password and remember it.

    Use the EXTRACT command (http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/recovery_console_cmds.mspx?mfr=true) to extract a fresh copy of the nt kernel file that’s missing.

    Reboot and see what else it complaints about. If you replace 5 files in a row and it’s still complaining about missing files, use the Repair option on the CD to restore all of your system files. Your apps and documents will remain intact (unless they were damaged by the same thing that brew away your Windows installation). You will need to run all the updated but at least you’ll have a working system.

    You should have a Windows key on your laptop (manufacturer usually slaps one on the bottom) so can use any Window XP CD to do this. The license is tied to the key, not the CD. If you don’t have an XP CD and don’t know anyone who does, call up Microsoft, give them your license key and tell them your retailer did give you a recovery CD. You’ll ship you a new CD.

    Good luck!

  43. Sean Says:

    I need help replacing the cheapest part on my AV6200. The brown plastic clip where the touch pad ribbon connects to the motherboard. Where can i find 2 or 3 of them , Thank you

  44. Vince Says:

    The power jack on my 6200 recently lost its ability to work. When it plug in the AC adapter, the computer doesnt seem to detect it. After wiggling it around a bit it works, but only temporarily. It got so hot around that area that i took my laptop apart to take a look. I saw that it got so hot that it actually melted the YELLOW plastic support around the AC adapter plugin!

    I took the laptop apart and took out the same rj45/phone/usb part that is in the picture, and soldered the loose joints on the power jack onto the board where the AC adapter inserts into.

    I also took a small screwdriver to scrap away the melted plasted that was covering the metal contact surface areas on both the inside of the AC adapter, and the power jack (rj35?) in the laptop that was loose.

    That seemed to work fine for a month or so… and now I’m having the same problem, except there are no loose solder joints because they are still in tact from last time!! Metal contact points also seem to be in tact…

    Do I need to get another rj45/phone/usb part?… where is the cheapest place I can purchase just one?
    laptoprepairparts.com is out of stock for $55 (which i still think is a bit pricey) :(


  45. Jeff Says:

    Thank you Scott for the very good instructions, I was able to get to the power jack and solder it back together.

    Only 1 screw left over, and box is running fine, if hot.

  46. Casey Says:

    I’m tearing mine up now just cause I’ve been inspired! Anybody upgraded the CPU on a 6210. I’m trying to find out if a Turion will run on this as the 6210’s came with an Athlon XP 2400 (32bit) stock. I’ve read on the averatecforums all the 62XX’s were “thought” to have the same innards but I’ve yet to verify this myself. Thanks again for the guide

  47. Ken Says:

    I have the exact same problem as Vince (melted power jack). Any suggestion is appreciated!!

  48. Brian Gray Says:

    Very many thanks for your help with the 6220 problems… sorted.
    Now the power jack gones. Dissassembled the machine as per guide and soldered a new jack into place working fine!
    Source of repacement jack? Ebay £2.15!
    Great resource many thanks….

  49. mirsul Says:

    is anybody sell mother board for averatec 6235

  50. Dennis Says:

    I need a dc power jack/rj45/phone/usb circuit card for my 6240-eh1. All the places I have looked seem to be out of stock. Plus, all the pictures I see look very similar to mine, but mine has white plugs and these all have black plugs. Is there a difference? Need this part ASAP, please help.


  51. angela Says:

    my fan on the bottom of my averetec 6200 keeps scrathing the black plastic part where it hovers over and i dont know how to fix it=(
    i cant buy a new fan either can some1 help me

  52. Jacques Says:

    I have a problem….. I recently installed Vista onto my 6200 (big no no!!) Everything worked fine for about a week. I have no warranty and the keyboard and touchpad just quit working on me. I can’t use the backup disks because i’m using an usb keyboard that only works when the os is running. I want to install Windows XP back on it but can’t because I can’t find a way to get the laptop to boot from the setup disk!!! Please Help!!!

  53. Viviane Says:

    I would like to know if the motherboard of a 6240 is compatible if a 6235?

  54. Viviane Says:

    I would like to know if the motherboard of a 6240 is compatible if a 6235?
    If i can put the motherboard of a 6240 in a 6235 model?

    thank you

  55. av6110-eh1 Says:

    Do you have any instructions on disassembling the av6110-eh1 or the service manual? I’ve got a loose keyboard I’d like to fix.. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve taken out all the screws yet the case won’t budge. All the models listed are close, but not quite the 6110.. :-(

  56. azn duy Says:

    can i ask u a question wat happen if the battery doesnt charge and the light only flash? and do u think its the battey charger or its the the charger plug problem?

  57. Donna Says:

    to azn duy

    i had the same problem and it was the battery itself i got the cheapest price by going on line and searching the internet by battery typd

  58. Seth7 Says:

    I hae a 6200 and its not exactly dead … it most of the time will not bootup, almost always see the Averatec splash screen (but not allways)…

    When ther are charaters to be seen in the display… it seems to lockup .. and slowly more pixals start to change to other charaters … some what looks like verticle lines when it does it …..

    The dvd plavs flawlisly … when used as a stand alone player ….

    Iv used freeze-it on the cpu .. trying to keep the temp down … thinking it might be the problem ….

    Any one ever seen this .. and know what the problem was??

  59. Scott Rippee Says:


    Try reinstalling the OS. If that doesn’t work you may have a overheating problem. Mine eventually got so bad with the overheating that I had to retire it. Now it lives life as my sisters portable DVD player.

  60. Seth7 Says:

    Im more than certin that its a overheating problem (hence the Freeze-it i bought).. or at least some thing has been oerheated.. and now its minor heating now has serious effect now.

    But the question is what …. at first i thought it was the CPU, now i dont.. it might be , but if the dvd player works fine.. then the video chip is not the issue.

    I wonder about the Bios flash chip … or the memmoy controller (if it has one.. and where it is??) ….

    id like to find a service manual for it.

  61. Scott Rippee Says:

    It’s the CPU. The DVD video player player doesn’t use the CPU to play the DVD.

    I was able to verify the CPU as the problem by tearing the thing apart and replacing the thermal compound with a small degree of effectiveness (it was better for a bit, but then the problem continued to get worse). If your OS allows you to set a low CPU frequency for the chip you can verify that it will work without overheating, but run very slow.

  62. Jon D. Says:

    The other day I pressed several buttons on my 6200 at once, cuz my screen froze and now my touch pad stopped working, I believe, I turned it off , this is the second time this has happened to me with this laptop. The last time it happened, a friend of mine pushed a couple buttons (command keys) and it started working once again…. anybody have a list of all the command Keys and the function keys for this computer…. or even better, anybody know how to turn the touch pad back on?



  63. Willzy Says:

    I love my 6210×60, but sadly its on its last legs. I have replaced the HD Ram dvd drive (with a drive out of a JVC laptop lol), the AC jack, the power converter, and the thermal glue. Hey, Iraq is not nice to laptops!

    Sadly, I think it shall soon die. All 4 of the USB ports require a little wiggle every once in a while. they shot off for a millisecond every 15 minutes or so. The screen flickers about as often. :-( It needs a new keyboard….still works but a little bent so it requires a little oompf to get the arrow keys to work.

    Does anyone have a 6210×60 motherboard for under $250? It may be falling apart, but damnit we’ve got history!

  64. Seth7 Says:

    Iv seen alot of parts on E-bay .. i think ill get a new CPU and try that for my 6200 ….. iv seen a 100% working motherboard there too ….

    Pratically any part you need.

  65. Seth7 Says:

    Any one know if this will support the Athalon 64 cpu’s ??

  66. Greg Says:

    that is so cool

  67. Seth7 Says:

    Well i have a CPU on the way….

    We’ll see if its a waste of money.

  68. av6110-eh1 Says:

    I don’t think spending lots of money on avertec pars is really worth the investment. AV out of warranty support wants $160 just to replace a KEYBOARD!!! That is a total ripoff, considering comparable laptops are only $450-600 now, many with updated DUAL CORE processors and bigger hard drive specs. Not even the service manuals are easy to come by.. unless your prepared to $PAY$.

    This makes me very jaded and I probably will buy a more popular brand such as an HP, DELL, or ACER laptop in the future.. off brand machines just cost too much to repair/replace parts. Averatec also made the machine a major PROJECT to OPEN… how many screws and hard to undo plastic snap together sections?!? CRAZY!!

    If anyone has the av6110-eh1 service manual (repair, not the crap that comes with the machine) please let me know..

  69. Seth7 Says:

    damn it… what arrived wasent quite what i was looking for.. its a bit too big.

    damn microPGA !!!!!

    Waht the hell else will work in a AXMD2400GJQ4C cpu??

  70. Seth7 Says:

    Well , just got a 1.6ghz cpu in it.. and still dosent even show a splash screen …. damnit.

    Got it off of ebay.. so it might of just been burned up crap too … one more on the way… playing the odd’s that the next was ok …

  71. Lesli Says:

    after purchasing two averatec 6210 x 60’s used, I thought I got a steal. I bought them for 350 each. One had adobe cs2 suite($$) loaded and a few other really nice programs and the other had the most recent microsoft office loaded and other nice extras, as well. They both worked great…for awhile.

    laptop #1 the touchpad and keyboard quit working on the one w/ microsoft office…i purchased a wireless mouse and keyboard..now the touchpad works and the key board works, but it thinks the function button is on. Of course the usb ports are getting pretty loose, but thats just an annoyance right now. any ideas with the keyboard?

    Laptop #2 i had to order another power port and have it soldered on and of course, while they were in the laptop the wire that controls the screen (which is attached to the motherboard) umm, well, they tried disconnecting it and instead of it coming out of where it was plugged, the plug came off the motherboard. they showed me where a motherboard was $600..naturally I said no way…figure out a way to solder it. I picked it up today after paying them $200 without a guarantee it would stay fixed and 15 minutes after having it on, I bumped the side of the display and now have no display. Do I really have to get another motherboard or could I solder the dang thing and would I have to take the whole dang thing apart again…

    please respond with any advice..i’d be grateful

  72. SSG Mike 66 Says:

    My 6210 made it throught 16 months in Iraq with some creative cooling. I have been trying to install Linux on this thing for a month now, how in the heck did you get UBUNTU to install? and what version I tried the last three versions to no avail. i also tried mandriva, Xandros, CentOS Red hat 10 and Suse 10. Suse is the only distro I could get to load and start after rebooting. hope I’m not stuck with that. Mandriva and Xasndros will load but will not start afterwards. ubuntu, cent os and redhat gave me nothing.

    I really would like to know what you did to get UBUNTU to load.

    Thanks in advance

  73. Scott Rippee Says:

    I had loaded several of those OSes on the laptop while it lived. I don’t recall having any problems with Ubuntu, except I think when I did the install I had to do it in a special resolution or in text mode. Can’t quite remember, but what happens when you try?

  74. Max Says:

    @Lesli: Condolences on your laptop. That shop sound like a scam. If I were you and had money they would be getting a court summon right about now.

    The port that the display wire connects to is pretty fragile. On top of that the part is surface-mounted (if I remember correctly) with no board anchors. So, when you rip the port off the motherboard (like the monkeys at the repair shop did) you also rip the soldering pads off the motherboard.

    You will have to take the thing apart, there’s not way around that. If the port is still attached to the motherboard, don’t pull on it. Try to examine the pins on the port with a flashlight and a toothpick. If you don’t see any obvious breaks (pins in mid-air) start poking the pins with the toothpick until you see one of them move. That’s a cold-solder joint. This means the monkeys not only can’t take the things apart, but also have no soldering skills. Get yourself a good soldering iron with a very fine tip and touch the pin that you saw move. As soon as you see the solder melt you’re in the money.

    If the pads are ripped it should be pretty obvious what trace it was connected to. Usually they are on the surface and you’ll see where the trace was ripped from the pad. Use a fine knife or a scalpel to scrape the protective coating off the trace. You just need enough for solder to stick. Lower the connector pin back on the motherboard and glob some solder between the stripped trace and the pin. That should make a good enough connection for your lappy to kick it for a while longer.

    Plab B is going on ebay and hunting down another motherboard. With the way these things fall apart it should be easy to find the part.

    Hope this helps :)

  75. H. C. BUeck Says:

    I need to replace the keyboard on my AV 2260-EY1. (the “d” key quit working). Can The keyboard be replaced from the top? I slid down the tabs on the top of the keyboard and “pried” the edges up but the center does not seem to release (is there a screw holding from the bottom? or some type of friction catch????) help please.

  76. Duane Says:

    hello i have just did a clean install of windows xp on my averatec laptop 6200 series but now i have a problem… i lost the backup drive so i don’t have the drivers. please if anyone can give advice or maybe send me a copy? ;) it will be greatly appreciated!!

  77. Willzy Says:

    Duane, goto http://www.averatec.com/customercare/downloads.asp for the drivers. Hope that helps.

  78. SSG Mike 66 Says:

    Duane goto http://www.averatec.com click on the “costomer care” tab then “driver downloads” fill in the info for your model and you can download all of them.

  79. Seth7 Says:

    Im getting a “d0″ on my post code reader .. any one else can verify that its a — and i quote “Early Boot Strap Processor (BSP) initialization like microcode update, frequency and other CPU critical initialization. Early chipset initialization is done.” — end of qote …

    if it stops there then it means that the cpu detection did not complete.. possibly a dead cpu??

  80. Sharion Says:

    I have a 6200 series. My DVD/CD drive stopped working. I can not find the driver for it on the Averatec website. please can anyone tell me which one it is?

    Thanks for all your help,

  81. Sharion Says:

    I have a 6200 series. My DVD/CD drive stopped working. I have tried reinstalling the drivers, but I am not sure which driver I should be installing. Can anyone tell me which one it is?


  82. glennthewind Says:

    i have a averatec 6200 series laptop and the harddrive went ka-put on me. i have since purchased a new laptop. i was reading here on your site and would like to know if i can sell parts here

  83. Seth7 Says:

    Why sell parts ..??

  84. glennthewind Says:

    good question. i guess i was thinking that i would have to disassemble it enough to take out the harddrive and sell the rest. and since i had it apart, i would disassemble the rest of it (according to the deconstruction pics). i really miss my 6200 series, i did all of my video editing on it. i now have a new Dell inspiron 1501 and it does not come close to the capabilities of the Averatec. what i thought was going to be an upgrade, turned out to be a bad purchase. i should have upgraded to another Averatec. thx for any and all comments.

  85. SSG Mike 66 Says:

    Why not just buy a new hard drive for it after all they are cheap and it is really easy besides why take it all the way apart if you don’t have too

    How much do you want for it?

  86. glennthewine Says:

    firstly, i have no idea what to sell it for. i was just kinda feeling it out on this site (i wish i had seen this site before i purchased another laptop) to get an idea of what to do with it.
    i wanted to take out the harddrive because of personal info, but really i guess i dont have to disassemble it entirely.
    secondly, i took my Averatec to the geek squad and they told me they could fix it for $235.00, and that was one forth of the sale price that i got 2 new Dells for.
    hindsight is 20/20

  87. Maks Says:

    You could always sell the Dells ;) Replacing a hard drive in that thing is literally a matter of 2 screws (not counting the 4 that keep the hard drive attached to the caddy. Go to best buy, get a laptop drive of your choosing (BB has some good sales on drives sometimes) and put it in. It’ll take you an hour tops.

    My philosophy is if you like using a product it’s OK to just fix it instead of buying a new one. Just my 2 cents :)

  88. arw Says:

    my 6200 cpu won’t fire up . the dvd player works with the front buttons
    and the remote, but when I push the main power button for the cpu nothing happens. IT had been over heating and shutting off but it would start up after it would cool down. can anyone give me some advice?

  89. Scott Says:

    Arw, I experienced the same problem. At first overheating and then it would still turn on after it cooled down, but eventually it wouldn’t turn on anymore. At that point it became a large paper weight / portable DVD player.

  90. Seth7 Says:

    take it to some one before it dies and tell them it has a serious heat problem .. with a infared thermal probe.. he should find the culprit before it dies… im still thinking its the cpu that dies.. i still cant verrify that the 2 CPU’s i bought off of ebay were dead or not !!!!

    Wish i could find some one local that had a micro PGA socket board that they knew was good and tried my CPU’s in it !!!

  91. SSGMike66 Says:

    I have to replace the DC power board on mine, and the cheapest I could find it was Averatec them selves, they want 62.65 with 3.00 dollars shipping, has anyone found it recently cheaper?

    It does get a little warm too so while I have it apart I plan to clean the processor and heat sink and put new paste in there. there seems to be several kinds are they all the same? or is one better than others.

    one last question do they make a cooler running Turion or Athlon mobile that will run on this board?


  92. digdesdev Says:

    In response to Sharion’s question, these are the drivers listed in Device Manager for XP Home, with Roxio 6 installed:


  93. OD Says:

    HAving problems with power going into laptop. I am not getting any type of indicator from the lights. I think it might have something to do with the power jack inside laptop. Any advice on how to repair this problem.

  94. Brian Gray Says:

    The power jack seems to be the main cause for power failure… search for one on ebay, in the Uk they are about £1.50… take the laptop apart using this highly useful guide! and simply solder a new power jack into place… if this does not work you will possibly need a new power board and they are over £60.00 direct from Averatec in Europe… which may be cheaper than the USA at the moment …

  95. Julio Says:

    Does anybody know how to turn the touch pad back on? 6200

  96. Brian F Says:

    I have a 6200 that had the same progressively wordening overheating problems that have been mentioned before. I put it on a shelf for the past 6 months, then found your page and have decided to try and fix it. I pulled the heatsink and replaced the thermal paste this evening. It made no difference. It will still boot up, but only lasts about 3 minutes before shutting down.

    I have kept the bottom open to monitor and facilitate air flow. after shutdown, the copper near the CPU is painfullt hot, while the copper by the fan and exterior vent is cool to the touch. Is the fan working that well, or is the heat sink just not functioning. Is it worth $30 to get a new one?

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

  97. Seth7 Says:

    Id try a different heat sink …mine no longer will boot … not even the averatec splash screen .. but the dvd still works fine…. i have bought 3 cpu off of the internet .. and none made any difference … but that dosent mean that they weren’t bad either !!!!

    is the case on the underside getting hot…. are you sure that only the cpu is getting hot??

    you have a small window now to find what is cooking .. before it quits completely.

  98. Danny Says:

    Hey just want to know the default bios password??? would be VERY appreciate!

  99. garry Says:

    Can a 6210 be clocked down? The AMD is fast, and could run slower
    for typical office applications.

    Running it slower but probably help it be cooler, and it would
    not overheat and shut off

  100. Seth7 Says:

    It has a variable speed .. based on the temp of the processor … so as it heats up… it slows down …

  101. garry Says:

    Well, I found the answer. The outlet to the cooling fan was loaded with dust (I could see the buildup when I removed the heat sink, but this dust
    is not visible from outside the computer).

    I removed the dust, and it still runs warm, but does not shut down.

    All 6210 users should be aware of this simple repair.


  102. Seth7 Says:

    They do……

    Keep us posted.

  103. Brian F Says:

    I replaced the heatsink (15$ on ebay) and it is working like the “good ole’ days.” That means hot, but operational. Any advice on further cooling? Cutting slits in underside panel, swapping CPUs, underclocking?

  104. R. Godman Says:

    Help is appreciated …All….
    My Averatec 6240-EH1, is misbehaving. 17 months old. Well handled.

    Help & Support File is some how disabled, so it is not possible to even try to find the remedy.
    Roxio burner does not load, it popsup “Please install software”
    ditto with “Disk-at-once”
    Many other Software too, has a popup of some message or other, some work after Clicking Away with “X” others do not.
    The DVD RW/CD ROM. DVD RW rarely completes 100% of the task.
    Means, saving things on DVD RW are always, IFFY, …. 100 % or what ?
    CD-ROM, I have not need it Till Now.
    and many more little things, So I tired to Run Recovery CD. For the First time, no scratched or other marks. The Bios is, factory set to Boot, CD Drive and then HD. So that all I need to do it use the CD ROM.
    CD ROM, after Clicking “Esc” as it the Laptop Boots, spins for a while and then, the Laptop Boots from HD, and not the Recovery CD in the CD ROM.

    I am no techi. Thoght to get Supermulti DVD that will also do CD RW. Need to know what the Part Number is. Tired to open the Bottom to see the DVD RW make etc. Removed all Screws, etc. Failed to open the Bottom completely for there seems to be some latches on the DVD side inside that I can not understand. Put the thing back. Began to Search for How to do it. Found your great article. Seems quite detailed and all that. Will try IT AGAIN.
    However, IF you fellows, can for now, guide me, to RUN RECOVERY CD, without any changes, it will be very kind. This, after the Recovery CD has worked, will let me know IF the Drive needs to be replaced or it was some Bugs in the laptop that, are removed by Recovery CD, and we back to normal.

    Please know, a little details will be good, for I am no techi. With directions, I can easily follow the process to completion.

    Thanks all for the help….


  105. Sean Says:

    My laptop won’t charge, but I think it’s a jack issue rather than a battery one, because I’ve had to wiggle the thing to get a charge. I’ve had to angle it increasingly, and it’s just stopped. Would it be just a matter of setting it back in place, or would a new AC jack be in order? And how would I get at it?

  106. Jeff Craft Says:


    Seems like everybody has that problem, read above.

    I just finished my second deconstruction to get at that little power / ethernet / whatever module.

    the module is faulty. you’ll need to re-solder the connection that looks burnt out. It’s most likely the one closest to the edge under the power cord connector. Don’t keep running it while you have to wiggle the cord, it makes it worse.

    the repair is not too tough, I’m no expert, I’ve soldered 5-6 times in my life, and I was able to do it. I had a really hard time finding one for sale at all, and when I did it was too expensive to mess with.

    keep in mind, that I’m back again doing it the second time, but unless I find another part to replace that faulty module, ( and they all are faulty as far as I can tell) I’ll do it again and again until I come up with something better. I would love to find a way to charge the battery separately, or any other way to get power into this box. It really is a good computer, just WAY too hot.

    follow the instructions on the page, take the thing apart. Personally, I didn’t completely disconnect the monitor, I left the cables plugged in since I didn’t need to remove them to get at the offending module, and sometimes my big fingers have trouble putting stuff back together right. I unscrewed it, disconnected the wires leading from it, and worked with my $15 soldering iron / solder remover to get it cleaned up and solidly connected again.

    While you have it open, clean it all out with canned air.

    Don’t feel bad if you’re missing a screw or two when you’re done, just try not to leave one inside (just like surgery)

    You can’t make it any worse than it’s going to be if you do nothing.

    Besides, I always figure that if I brick the thing, I’ll just pull the hard drive and whatever usable stuff I can and stuff it into a desktop or another cheap laptop.

    There’s something intensely satisfying about taking apart a laptop and putting it back together so it works better than before. Kind of like rebuilding an engine, but easier and no bruised knuckles.

    Good luck!

  107. Willzy Says:

    Hey, those power jacks can be found on Ebay for about 5 bucks a piece. Sad because it’s like a 40 cent piece, but If you dont have an electronics store nearby Like FRY’s Electronics, you might try radio shack. The can probably order you a perfect match for not too much.

  108. MikeL Says:

    Above I read from GREG that his LCD screen went virtually black and was visible, but just barely. Did it get fixed with checking the motherboard to screen cable? Any other options to fix that? Obviously I have the same problem. The computer works fine, I have just put a regular monitor connected into the side port provided on the 6210. Any help to get full function back would be great!

  109. MikeL Says:

    Touchpad not working? I have had that happen 3 times. The fix that I use is the hardware reboot. Take off the battery and hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Replace the battery and off you go.

  110. godman Says:

    Help Please,
    Averatec 6240-EH1 Optical device is DVD RW / CD ROM.
    System is corrupted.
    Need to Run Recovery CD. Brand new never used.
    CD does not Run. Browsed it in another laptop. Everything shows up.
    Trouble shooting, device says, “It works good”
    I tried to burn DVD RW it does work.
    Opend ‘My Computer to get to Properites of Device.
    There are TWO DRIVE LETTERS.
    DVD-RW Drive ( D: )
    CD Drive ( F: )
    Actually there is only One Optical Drive.
    So that as soon as I insert CD in Drive it comes up with
    “Please insert Disk in Drive F”
    Don’t know how get rid of Extra Drive Letter “F”

    Suggestions, directions please.

    What will happen if I reformat the SYSTEM HD

    Will I then be able to Run Recovery CD ? and get the system up and running.

    Thanks for all help.

  111. Rodne Says:

    Try putting the recovery cd in the drive and rebooting the computer.

  112. Paul Says:

    I need some help replacing he pcmcia controller in my Averatec 5400??

  113. MikeL Says:

    Can anyone with my comments on 11 Dec? My screen still has no light behind it!! Thanks.

  114. Gordon Says:

    I have a 6200 series, does anybody know what fan is compatible with this peice of junk LOL please reply thank you or do you know where I can get a fan motor.

  115. Jim Says:

    I am looking for a Sunon CPU cooling fan Averatec part number E33-0700010-S69 for a replacement. Anyone have one off their dead computer they would part with, or where to find one inexpensively?

    Thanks in advance!


  116. Dex Says:

    One by one I have been losing the USB ports to my Avaratec 6200. They appear to be losing their connections internally and/or are simply becoming worn out. I am now down to one that works continually instead of intermitantly. Where can I go online to purchase these ports? Then how difficult is it to install them myself and do any of you have a set of instructions with photos to do this? Thanks much.

  117. Dex Says:


    Above is the only web site I could find for this fan. Copy it into your browser and go check it out. It’s $129 there at lapzone.com.

  118. MikeL Says:

    I have bought parts from where Averatec sends their warrenteed computers. http://www.fremontek.com Prices have been reasonable so far, but they only deliver within the USA.

  119. marcor12 Says:

    A friend of mine brought me his laptop (gateway m350mvn), i guess his son put a foriegn object in the cd rom drive. I got the object out but now when the laptop boots the heatsink fans will run, but all it does is blink the cdrom lite and the 3 of 6 lights above the keyboard ( the lock symbols ). No screen and nothing else……….any help will be greatly appreciated
    thxs this site is great……good work guys

  120. Seth7 Says:

    I wish you luck .. iv got one thats been like that for months now.

  121. Mike Says:

    Forgot bios password. How do I get to the MB battery to pull it and reset bios to default?

  122. Tfostvedt Says:

    I am a novice. Is there any trick to taking the old jack off the and replacing it with a new one. Does it just plug in?

  123. mentor Says:

    hello people,
    I have a problem with my averatec 6220.
    The battery is charged ok. The DVD Player can power on without problem. But I can’t power on my laptop.
    Please if anyone can help me.
    THanks in advance.

  124. Seth7 Says:

    You mean that the DVD player works fine .. bu the laptop will not P.O.S.T. or bootup … ???

    If so that is a common problem, and im not aware of the fix yet. besides sending it in for warrenty repair.

    Mine’s out of warrenty … and im starting to want some one with a working unit to try out my processor so i can rule that out as the problem.

    for all i know it might be the memory.

  125. arw Says:

    my 6200 series laptop does the same thing. I let it sit for a couple weeks,then one day I hit the power button and it fired up. I dowloaded my info onto thumb drive just in case it shutdown again,which it did after a few days of use. It overheated again so I let it sit for another couple of weeks,hit the button and it started again. I removed the bottom cover and that seems to keep it from overheating and it has to be elevated,off of any flat surface so the airflow is not constricted.

  126. Lesli Says:

    hey did you all know that if your 6200 wont turn on, that there is a fuse you may be able to replace….it might not be your motherboard????

  127. Seth7 Says:

    Lesli Says:

    February 23rd, 2008 at 11:53 am
    hey did you all know that if your 6200 wont turn on, that there is a fuse you may be able to replace….it might not be your motherboard????

    So … your saying that with this fuse blown … that the DVD will work but the laptop will not boot…

    Is this what your saying??

  128. Seth7 Says:

    Hey Lesli

    Where is this fuse at???

    Grid location?? ….. does the DVD still work with the fuse blown???

    Hey .. are you there??

  129. Bart Says:

    Help! Need cooling fan for 6200 part number E33-0700010-S69

    Appears to be out of stock and out of production. Any suggestions? Or better yet any fans out there?


  130. Bart Says:

    Jim, Any luck???:

    “Jim Says:

    January 27th, 2008 at 9:51 pm
    I am looking for a Sunon CPU cooling fan Averatec part number E33-0700010-S69 for a replacement. Anyone have one off their dead computer they would part with, or where to find one inexpensively?

    Thanks in advance!


  131. Mark Says:

    Help, Averatec 6210HX80-01. I need to format and reload. The DVD will not read data cd’s. It will read a dvd no problem. Any suggestions?

  132. Rick Says:

    Mark, is it enabled to boot first in the BIOS? If the HDD is before it in the boot order, it won’t boot from a DVD.

  133. Dex Says:

    If your power supply socket (part that power cord plugs into) is failing or not working all the time, I could not find a replacement part. However, in my case, I just got to this part (follow instructions to deconstruct) and I re-soldered the connections and it’s fine now.

  134. Mark Says:

    I can set it to boot from the DVD. The problem is it will not read a data CD. I can put a DVD in and it will play a DVD. If I put a Data CD (IE: Win-XP Home Edition Disc or any other data cd) it will not read them? I do not understand why it will read one and not the other? Therefore I cannot format and restore the laptop.

  135. Anonymous Says:

    If the hard drive is trashed.. try putting it in a usb enclosure and try installing WinXP in another computer ….. then put it back in.

  136. Andrew Says:

    I’ve been having the power issue too — thanks for the deconstruction guide! One thing I’ve read on the net is that the 62xx series are the same laptop as the MSI M630, and you can upgrade the processor to an AMD Turion (or AMD MT-xx — i.e. AMD MT-32, AMD MT-34, etc). The installed processor runs at 60-something watts, while the Turion runs at 25 watts. That should translate into a cooler-running processor and may aleviate some of the heat problems; the battery should last longer as well. In order to install that processor, though, you need to flash the BIOS with a newer version from MSI. See this thread for more info:


    I believe any of the AMD MT-xx processors will work and all of them run cooler than the installed processor.

  137. Sleepy Says:

    I have a
    AVERATEC 6200 series… I dont have any sound. My DVD player plays but on my computer it has no sound (etc playing a game) I tried tried to download a sound driver but .I dont know how?

  138. SSG Mike 66 Says:


    That very interesting to know, Thanks! I have a 6210, in april of 06 I had to send it back for a new motherboard under warrenty. When I got it back from Averatec the unit no longer posted with the standard Averatec Logo it Posted with an MSI SuperBook Logo.

    Does this mean that mine already has the New Bios in it or Does it mean that they used a differant MoBo?

    how do I find out the MoBo Model Number?

    I really would like to find try a Turion because The Athlon runs Hot.



  139. Marge Says:

    My 6200 will not accept my HP printer. It tells me there are missing drivers. Where on the internet would I look to find the drivers for this model? Any help will be most appreciated.

  140. Omid Says:

    Hi, Could u Plz tell me how can I change the laptop fan to work non stop.
    I mean , I want to make the fan’s power direct to push fan works continusly.

  141. Seth7 Says:

    just wish some one would state what it was that was overheating or dieing so every one else could get a chance to repair it …. or decide to have some one else do it.

  142. Scott Says:

    Seth7, the problem that causes the overheating/locking up is the CPU getting too hot. The built in DVD player doesn’t have the problem because it uses a different chip (CPU is never used). To repair it look at Andrew’s post above. I haven’t tried it, because I got rid of my Averatec a long time ago, but it seems like it should work.

  143. Seth7 Says:

    Well shoot .. that means the 4 cpu’s i bought off of ebay were all bad??

    I tried locally to find some one with a mb that i could set my cpu into for testing but gave up some time ago …

    Any one have a test board that i could send one too ?

  144. Seth7 Says:

    any one know og witch of these will work as a replacement processor?? of the fastest im looking for??!!??


  145. Faustino Ramirez Says:


    Do you have the dirver wireless network adapter?

    For some reason It got wiped out when I took it in for repairs and now I cant use it to connect to the internet using a wireless connection.

    Please help I’m desperate.

    I cant find them anywhere on line.

    Thank you kindly.

    Faustino R.

  146. StanZ Says:

    The card in my 6210 uses the driver for the PCI/mPCI/CB(RT256x/RT266x)

    For Windows drivers go to this page:

    This will install the entire RALink driver and utility package.

    Good luck!

  147. Seth7 Says:

    Well i bought another processor …. well see if this one is a dud too …

  148. Seth7 Says:

    Any one with a Known good Board want to test a few processors??

  149. Jamoo.comesl0516 Says:

    I was wanting to know the same thing Faustino Ramirez asked. What is a good upgrade processor and also ram that would work. I dontknow how ot find out the specs of the ram i have like pin number etc. I want to upgrade from the 1.8 ghz processor and 512 ram i have if possible. I could use some links or advice. thanks.

  150. Jay Allen Says:

    I have a averatec 7100 series laptop that was given to me. This idiot i know was locked away for a period of time. Gets out and finds out what a laptop is and starts exploring it. A message pops up on the screen that sys a hardware device is missing or something to that extent and decides to take the liberty of disassembling it completely and doesnt know what the problem was. Tells me he couldnt figure out how to put it back together, and as it sat somebody picked a couple pieces out of it but dont know what. So he gave it to me. I am/want to put it back together and get it back up and running. But before i go and completely assemble it back together i need to know what might be missing and need to order/replace. I’ve searched the web up and down and cannot find hardly any information on this laptop at all. Wanting a schematic/diagram of the parts and where they should be attached to know what is missing. Found nothing! Does anybody know of a website or address that can produce this kind of data i need to complete my task.? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  151. Shawn Gubala Says:

    Great write up! I have refered back to this page many times. I have the same laptop and have recently installed Ubuntu. The screen flickers during videos and scrolling and I am pretty sure that it has to do with the driver, but I haven’t been able to find it. I really googled the bejeezus out of it and am at a loss. Did you have this issue? If so, how did you fix it?



  152. Kayla Says:

    I have a problem with my Averatec 6100 I was using it the other day and the power cord started to smoke. When we tore it apart the one chip on the power bored (i’m not sure if that is what its called) is melted. It will not ture on now either. Plus right before we shut it off it was saying replace battier. Does anyone know where i can get the whole bored or just the chip?

  153. Seth7 Says:

    Supposedly you can get them off of ebay …. but if you want to get rid of it or recover the data off of the hard drive …. i can make use of it. I have bought 4 CPU’s for mine and is still dead. i can charge my battery and put it into your laptop for testing …. let me know if your interested.

  154. alex Says:

    I have a 3510 Averatec and I just took out the dust bunny (Big fat dust bunny) but now my machine starts up and quits. I think I need to apply paste but i don’t know how. Can some one help?

  155. clare Says:

    averatec 6130 HS 20 powers on for 4 seconds and then shuts off Heat snk has a little blue square pad under it that can peel right off. So do I replace with heat paste? or look for something else. Thanks for your feedback.

  156. Seth7 Says:

    Im hopeing that the damage inst already done …. I have purchased several CPU’s off of ebay and all did not boot. I would say to use Artic silver as a replacement … its still the best to use i hear.

  157. Oscar Says:

    I removed the cmos battery, put it back together and still doesnt work. is there anything else i could try? my averatec 6210 can play dvd and cd but can not boot to anything, just black screen. i have all my pics/programs in there wihch i want (i know i could switch drives with another laptop and save them then toss laptop), but would love to still save the laptop. can you pleaseeeeee help me, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee?

  158. Mike D Says:

    Dude … you are in the same boat as manny of us … mine does thte same thing .. plays cd/dvd’s but wil not boot .. or even show a splash screen

    Wish i knew why .. cant be that hard… i just dont have the tools to diagnos it.

  159. Mike D Says:

    Oh.. you can get a external USB drive enclosure and retrive all your stuff.
    Feel like sending me the laptop ?? do you even get a splash screen ?? (Averatec logo)

  160. Oscar Says:

    i get nothing just the black screen. i dont have the power cable to it (kind of destroyed it), and to top it all off i cant play dvd/cds now, i dont why. maybe i should just throw bricks at it, and use it as throwing practice?

  161. Seth7 Says:

    you could always throw it my way …

  162. StanZ Says:

    “i get nothing just the black screen. i dont have the power cable to it (kind of destroyed it), and to top it all off i cant play dvd/cds now, i dont why.”

    Without a working power supply to charge the batteries it sounds like you have run them completely down. That is why it can’t play a DVD or CD. It may momentarily start up on residual battery charge, but the power drain of the DVD drive will quickly pull the voltage on a discharged battery below the minimum necessary to run either the computer or DVD player.

    The computer portion needs even more power to run. If you’ve been without a power supply for a while, that would be the first thing to go.

    There are a lot of other possible causes for boot failure, most of which are hardware errors that may be beyond the average person’s ability to fix. One that is user easy is to make sure that the memory modules are seated properly and swap it/them with known good one.

    Good luck.

  163. Chris H Says:

    Great site guys lots of good info Thanks

  164. Chris H Says:

    I got a 6200 with the won’t start problem i think it may be the motherboard screen lights up no splash screen and them nothing, cd pops out if you push the button but thats about it any ideas?
    regards Chris

  165. Oscar Says:

    i have tried doing everything the above pictures say, lol. still nothing, :( i tried switching memory chips still nothing. is there a way that a person could erase the CPU drivers? or is there such a thing? i remember i upgraded the cpu and it started fine, but when i tried to delete (dont know why) the other cpu out of the device manager, under processor, and restarted it. it never worked again. i know i know, im a dumba$$. but can you guys still help?

  166. StanZ Says:

    No drivers are required to get at least a splash screen or to BIOS (if the hardware is working.)

    Here is a link to what happens at startup:

  167. alan Says:

    please note this article is useless for model .6235. keyboard will not come out. alsoinards donot resemble those shown at certain steps. is much easier to cut a hole around area to be soldered. this brand is crap anyway.

  168. Victor Olivares Says:

    I have a 6100 and it does not turn on. I was running the system for over 10 hours and it was pretty hot until it just turned off on me and never turned back on. I would like to know if there is a slight possibility I can save the system without accruing too much cost. This system was running great for over 5 years. I only upgraded the memory to 2GB when I first bought it. Any help would be appreciated.


  169. ken Says:

    how do i post a problem with my avertec 6200? Thanks

  170. ken Says:

    woops…I now understand how it works..This is my issue Avertec 6200
    dvd drive is dead…no light on, had to use a paper clip to open. Following the deconstruction guide I was able to remove the drive. Before I buy a new one does anyone know how I can insure it is the drive. Everthing
    else work with exception of the wireless card which I had to remove to operate the system. I can run on the lan cable but if I try the wireless with the card in place odd things happen. Thank you

  171. Will Says:

    Any physically compatable dvd drive will work. I’m on my 3rd drive none of them from the same kind of laptop. Find one that fits and plug it in. It will probably work

    Hope that helps

  172. Will Says:

    Also, any wireless card will work. find one and plug it in, then find the drivers. I upgraded mine with one from an HP laptop and I get way better range now

  173. ken Says:

    How would I know which ones are compatable? Thanks

  174. Will Says:

    the connection plug on the back. get one thats the same

  175. ken Says:

    Well I think the issue with my 6200 was the power supply. Previously I had the issue with the wireless card than the dvd rw driave. now the whole damn things just died. Battery good,power adaptor good. The machin e just stoped and the screen went dead and a few sounds from the fan trying to come on and than notheing. POWER WILL NOT TURN ON THE UNIT. I noticed that the only lights on where is the main green power light showing that the adaptor is hooked into the machine and the wireless pci card indacator is on. I just ordered a new mother board as suggested my past members having the same issue. Any comments on wether this was the case. Thanks to all who have responded.

  176. Seth7 Says:

    Where did you order the motherboard at ?? mine is doing the same exact thing.

  177. ken Says:

    E-bay chips2481 $100 with shiping. Make sure you have the correct version. I hope this was the issue. I,ll update this site when I complete the install. Good luck

  178. Chris H Says:

    I bought a mother board from Chips2481 Great service good guy to deal with.
    If the pc won’t boot try the ram because it is used by the video card also if it’s faulty the pc will not boot. a;so check the power leads from the power supply board to the mother board as they sometimes get piched by the case
    hope this might help someone out there
    regards Chris

  179. ken Says:

    You are correct,chip2481 sent me a good board. I recieved it tonight and just installed it. Seems to be OK. Booted fine
    no problems so far. Thanks for getting back to me

  180. Seth7 Says:

    Can you give a Auction number of a current listing??
    Im not seeing a chip2481 on eBay sellers …

  181. ken Says:

    search under FIND “averatec 6200″, IN “computer & networking” , choose BUY NOW and you will see all hardwardware and one of the mother board site is chips2481. Good luck

  182. ken Says:

    UP DATE: Resently I installed a new mobo for my averatec 6200. One on the issues with the old mobo was a series of problems that finally lead up to replacing the board. One of the issues was my dvdrw drive that seemed to go bad. After i installed the new board and got everything up and running i reinstalled the so called bad dvdrw drive. The drive still wouldnt work, so I switched my second 6200 machine dvd that i know works and installed the so called bad one into this new second 6200. It worked??? Now, anyone figure what was the orignal cause that indacated the dvd drive was bad? This I dont understand??

  183. ken Says:

    averatec 6200 qsi slimline dvd/rw sw-040 drive driver. Can anyone tell me where to download this driver.

    On another subject. I just picked up a used 6200 lap top the screen is white while I try to boot up, I can see my hd drive working as the green light is blinking while it loading data but the screen doesnt show anything. Any ideas about this issue? Thanks

  184. jingo5 Says:

    Averatec 6210 model is a rebadged MSI-M610 . You can go to


    For the latest drivers. Trying to find out what the difference outside of socket type between 6210 and 6230. From all external view it appears that the 6230’s came with a different socket that was not lidless. Am very curious if the 6320 aka MS-M630 bios works on it.

    Picked up the 6210 model for $70 over the weekend. Runs well.. just needed some TLC.

  185. ken Says:

    Thanks for the web sites, but can you comment on the white screen that I posted with the driver request?

  186. jingo5 Says:

    M630 bios does not work with 6210 board. Bricked the bios which is fine. Am awaiting my fwh/lpc adapter to reprogram it. I’ve got a backup but does anyone have the actual bios from either averatec 6210 or msi m610?

  187. Seth7 Says:

    I have a dead 6210 ….. well it will only play CD’s/DVD’s and i dont think the bios is retreivable …. but if i ever get a replacememnt .. wich im sure i will ( hope hope) ill do said chore ….

  188. jingo5 Says:

    Replacing soldered Bios Chip on Dead 6210 with a PLCC socket so if this ever happens again I don’t have fight when removing the darn chip. Will keep status posted.

    FWH/LPC adapter shows up in 7 days.. as do the replacement bios chips.

  189. Chris H Says:

    Reply for Ken Try changing the ram, because the video uses the ram also. if the ram is faulty you get a white screen. There is also a power cable that runs from the power board on the side of the case to the motherboard, mine was faulty and all i got was the white screen, replaced the cable all fixed. Also installed 1 gig of ram and the whole thing works better

  190. ken Says:

    Chris h…Thanks for the info I,ll give it a go.

  191. ken Says:

    Just verified tht the total system works by hooking the lap to a remote monitor. I,ll check the power cable to the screen and let you know what happened…Thanks again

  192. ken Says:

    ChrisH…was the cable from the left side as you face the screen or the right side adjasent to the turn on button?

  193. jingo5 Says:

    Hi all:

    Anyone have the 6210 model laptop? If so can you back up your bios and send to me?

  194. jingo5 Says:

    Fixed 6210 with bad bios. Had to clear cmos as well as reprogram the old bios. I have the image if anyone wants it for keepsake. Cheers.

  195. Kano76 Says:

    Hello, I have a msi M630 which is the same model that the averatec 6200 and I have a problem of supply.

    I wanted to change the connector DC Power and I made a short circuit.
    The computer ignites no more. I would like to know if there was a fuse on the small board(card) or on the motherboard.

    Thank you

  196. ken Says:

    Have a question concerning the 6200 processor: I have two 6200, one is a 6240 with a AMD 64 2800+,1.8ghz with 480 mb ram and appears to run very cool interms of the fan running hardley at all.

    The other 6200 with a xp-m amd 2400+ 1.8ghz 480 ram. The fan seems to run continuious.

    Is the 6240 processor running much cooler as a result of is,s difference,s? and if so if I upgrade to the same do I have to change anything else on the MOBO?

    Thanks Ken

  197. isaac opoku Says:

    i nneed it to do something

  198. isaac opoku Says:


  199. StanZ Says:

    In response to Ken’s question, the fan running continuously is not likely to be a function of the processor. No computer left the factory designed to have the fan running all the time. It is more likely to be something else.

    1. There may be some program running in the background that is keeping the CPU busy which will cause it to heat up and need the fan running. Start the system in Safe Mode (see http://www.pchell.com/support/safemode.shtml )
    and run Task Manager. Click on the Processes Tab and then click on the CPU column twice to sort the processes so the one using the most CPU time is on top. This should be System Idle Process at 90% or more in Safe Mode (for Windows XP). If the System Idle Process is > 85% and fan is still running continuously then its something else so go to step 2. If there is some other program using more than 50% of the CPU time then you have to find out what it is and why its doing that.

    If the fan does not run continuously in Safe Mode, then there is a program running in normal mode that is keeping the CPU running and causing the fan to run. Restart the system normally and run Task Manager again as above and see if you cna find the problem program.

    2. The heat exchanger may be clogged with dust/dirt. This is very common in systems more than two years old. If the air can’t flow over the exchanger to remove the heat, the fan has to work overtime to force more air over it. With the power off and the computer unplugged, Stick a small screwdriver or straightened paper clip into the fan vent slots to prevent the fan from turning. If you have access to an air compressor ,use it to blow the exhaust slots out. DO NOT let the fan freewheel as it is bad for the bearings! A can of compressed air or the output of a vacuum cleaner the is less effective but worth a try if that is all you have. Try #1 again and see if there is any improvement.

    3. If the above efforts don’t work, its time to go to the origins of this article and disassemble the computer. That will allow you to really clean out the heat exchanger if it is dirty. As long s you have gone to this much trouble I would suggest that you replace the thermal pad between the CPU and the heat exchanger assembly with a top quality thermal compound such as Arctic Silver. I have solved this problem on many systems with this step. While not exactly for the Averatec, this is a good tutorial : http://www.insidemylaptop.com/apply-thermal-grease-laptop-processor/

    Good luck,


  200. StanZ Says:


    Please explain your problem in as much detail as you can.


  201. BryanV Says:

    My averatec 6200 series has been a great laptop for years and my only problem now is my cd-rom does not work. device manager say’s driver not signed and that it is working properly but it doesnt. appreciate any help thank you

  202. Jingo5 Says:


    You can pick up any old cdrom off the internet as long as it’s slimline you should be fine. Had the same problem with mine. Had a spare cdrom pulled the old one out and swapped the brackets. Right as rain!


  203. seba Says:

    super strona

  204. Jay Allen Says:

    I’m observing that this page has alot of helpful input for the averatec 6100/6200 series laptop. Unfortunately i havent found any useful information that i can actually use for myself or my issues.I have the averatec 7100 series, 7100U model. Is there anyone on here that can help me solve a problem with this series of laptop, or possibly direct me to a site or page that would possibly help me troubleshoot my issues that i have.(?) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

  205. StanZ Says:

    If you post a detailed explination of your problems, maybe we can help. Very few computer problems are model specific.

  206. Jim Says:

    I’m having trouble getting the plastic cover off to remove the lcd. I feel like I’m going to break the sides off. It unclips at the hinge and then I just can’t seem to get it completely off.

  207. D Pete Says:

    You must remove 2 screws from back to release this cover. Look at the instructions on deconstructing this laptop. http://fatpenguinblog.com/scott-rippee/averatec-6200-laptop-deconstruction

  208. scrap metal merchants in stoke on trent Says:

    Good blog thanks, if all else fails though guys get in touch with us, so that we can recycle it. :)

  209. Ali Says:

    Hey All,
    sorry if this was covered earlier.. could not find it.. and with the computer.. i have limited time.

    My Averatec 6200 series (I think it is 6240eh or something like that)..
    was bought some time ago.. 3yrs maybe.. but it has not really been used too much.
    Issue is the computer boots up.. take way too long.. then freezes.. and then after a bit of time (5-10mins maybe).. it shuts down due to it being burning hot.

    I think it is the fan, but not sure.. this machine was restored due to a virus a year or two after purchase. .. I used the disks sent by averatec. I like the computer.. but honestly.. i hate the problems i am facing for the amount of usage i have had.

    I want to clean it up and give to my daughter for her basic internet usage and school work (she is only in 3rd grade mind you).

    Any help.. suggestions… offers to help resolve my issues.. etc.. would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Ali Baba

  210. Ali Says:

    oh.. i found the following.. is it the CPU fan or the RAM??




  211. Rod E. Says:

    Hay guys and gals I had a AV6210X60 I will be keeping the hard drive and ram but I have the wireless card the small board with the usb ports, power plug and rj45 and rj11 plugs on it, also the fan, heat sink, AMD 2400 CPU, the screen is in great shape (always covered with plastic), those mighty speakers LOL, and the DVD RW drive all for sale. I would like to get rid of them all in a package but if you make me an offer on one item that is good I will split up. I don\’t know if the main board is good or not, it had the shutting off problem and I cleaned it and it still didn\’t work so I puled the heat sink and put the cool stuff on it and it wouldn\’t even turn on when I got done so I Maxed it. Time for a new one anyhow with only 16% of the hard drive left. Respond to rod_elder@hotmail.com. Thanks.

  212. Mike Says:

    Hey ya’all - just wanted to share a few quick things about my Averatec 6210. I was haveing an over heating problem too then I installed Ubuntu 9.1.0 (Karmic) it told me that my battery was bad, so I removed the battery and started running it off of the A/C adapter only and it has not ovrheated since. Just something you might want to try.

    OBTW - Ubuntu 9.1.0 (Karmic) runs great on that old machine, I layered the EdUbuntu package over it and my kids love it.

    Happy Holidays Ya’all

  213. Ali Says:

    Rod and Mike, (and anyone else)

    When your laptops heate up, did it start to tick? and eventually the ticking gets faster.. faster… and soon the machine gets hot and freezes!! (interesting.. hot and freezes.. that’s a first!).

    Mike.. Ubuntu.. hmmm.. so now the laptop has become a pseudo desktop (cause you can’t move around without a cord to the wall)… do you have any site that can help me do this if i want to go that route.

    Went to geek squad.. they will charge me 70 to look at it and 35 if it is hardware.. what the.. is it worth it?


  214. Rod E. Says:

    I am selling mine for parts dismantaled less the hard drive. It has always run hot from day one and from looking at the CPU and mother bord it looks like it was overheating the CPU. The best solution I see on this blog is the coolant you aply to the heat sink, a higher RPM fan would help to. The person, Ali that is talking about the ram heating up and needing to instal more ram…………..mine had been upgraded to two gigs and was on a targus twin fan cool mat. Two gigs is the max on that mother bord so you are off base and your machine will become a paper weight. The person, Ali also talking about spending $105 bucks on their machine………if you can get it fixed and fixed right for that you should do so. Mine was $1060.00 new and to replace it I am looking at spending $500.00 minimum, and for that I get an HP with a cheep intel celeron 900 procesosor. Sure the hard drive is 320 gig and it has 4 gigs of ram but it is a windows 7 machine so I have to fight with all the drivers for printers cameras and all that and I get that cheep processor and who knows what else is cheep, I think the mother bord is maxed out at 4 gigs so it doesnt sound like a high end part either. I looked into Acer but they have battery isues that cause you to have to run without the battery till you get a new one and they don’t last. You can leave the battery in if you go in and change your bios so the windows battery control doesnt charge the battery but otherwise it trys to charge a bad battery and robs the buss of power and when you go under 5 volts at the buss you get problems with the mouse and keybord and stuff so they are out. Had a better processor though. Cost a fortune in batteries is all. LOL. I like the IBM best but that is too much $ for me to blow on a laptop when I use it for personal stuff most of the time and have a destop for the “heavy lifting”.

  215. Mike Says:

    Hey Ali
    This model came out in 2004, the technology is pretty old, Most of these on ebay never sell for more than 150 bucks. That being said I am willing to buy some cheap parts like a DC power jack and fix it my self. but I would not be willing to to spend much more.

    you said “When your laptops heate up, did it start to tick? and eventually the ticking gets faster.. faster” sounds like something in your fan or wrong with your fan.

    as far as Ubuntu is concerned goto http://www.ubuntu.com/ and download the ISO and burn the image to a cd and then stick it in and install it. I did not have to do anything special. it just went on and worked. even the wireless worked.

    Does anyone know where I can buy Just the USB sockets cheap. I am having trouble finding them and I need them.

    thanks Ya’all

  216. Faustino Says:


    Does anyone know where I can get the whole board assembly where the Power jack, 2 USB ports, rj45/rj11 jacs are connected to? My sister’s computer has the power jack pretty much fried and her phone jack and Ethernet jacks aren’t working. So she needs the whole assembly.

    The whole assembly is displayed on one the images above where the subject is holding it on his hand.


  217. D Pete Says:

    I now know how to simply leave a trail of solder between power supply on circuit board to power supply itself (connecting pin) which solves problems of losing power circuit. It really is as easy as soldering a trail of solder all the way from the ciruit board around the power supply componet to it’s metal piece. If you can get this trail of solder all the way between circuit board and this metal piece, you will solve the problem of the weakness within this power jack componet. Get the solder to run from the circuit board around the outside of the power jack to it’s metal part.

  218. Mike Says:

    You can get the whole assembly form Averatec out of warranty tech support for about 75 dollars. otherwise you just have to keep trying ebay and other internet sites.

  219. Susan Says:

    fantastic guide, worked wonderfully until the screen didn’t work when I put it back together. I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong or if I’ve damaged the connections or something but does that mean I need to replace the LCD display now? I love this old machine and it does seem to work with an external display but that kinda defeats the object of a “lap”top! Do you know if there is a display that will match cuz Averatec parts are thin on the ground and expensive here in the uk. Thanks.

  220. rockbreaker Says:

    Anyone going to load windows 7 on Averatec 6200. I checked the compatability for 7 but my vid card wont take take advantage of this Os? Anyway to upgrade the vid section?


  221. James816 Says:

    My Averatec 6200 got overheat and shutted
    off. It’s not power on any more. Is there
    a way to fix it (replaceable fuse?). The DVD
    player still works.

  222. Francisco Says:

    my 6200 cpu won’t fire up . the dvd player works with the front buttons
    and the remote, but when I push the main power button for the cpu nothing happens. IT had been over heating and shutting off but it would start up after it would cool down. can anyone give me some advice?

  223. Seth7 Says:

    new board most likely …. I had one doing the same thing .. i bought 5 different CPU\’s — either all were bad OR it wasent the CPU by systemboard . Im thinking of getting a known working board and try all those CPU\’s i have… some day

  224. Don Says:

    I have a friend’s Averatec 7100 series laptop with XP Pro on it. The sound stopped working and I have tried everything - driver updates, no conflicts of any kind, no hardware issues (none that are obvious anyway), booted & rebooted, updated, rolled back drivers, removed / reinstalled, stood on my head, jumped up and down - yelled at the cat (not really, but have thought about it…) - like i said, I’ve tried everything. No sound - nada - zip, zilch. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Does the guy need to just buy another laptop? Do I give up working on laptops? Should I have my head examined for working on this one…?
    Hopefully by now, you see that I need help on this…lol.

  225. Mike Says:

    Not sure if you got it up and running, I did the same thing once. I had to pop to case back open and reseat the display connector on the MOBO. if you do it check and see if you damaged the connector pins if you did I am not sure where you will get a new connector with out buying a new display from averatec. but more than likely you just did not get it connected all the way.
    Hope that helps!

  226. Mike Says:

    I am not to familiar with the 7100, however, after checking the obvious like drivers and settings, and it sounds like you did, there is only a few things left that it can be.
    A. speakers or connections to the speakers are bad, in that case the head phone jack should still work.
    B. the sound chip on the MOBO went bad, in that case no sound will work and you will have to replace the MOBO. Check Ebay and other laptop parts outlets on the internet.
    Hope that helps

  227. Susan Says:

    Mike thanks I didn’t know there might be an answer, I figured once I’d damaged it that was that. I’ve since acquired a spare non-working 6200 that I figured I cd just swap the mobo from the old one. The dvd player works but otherwise nothing, I haven’t tried something as simple as the cmos battery but the plan was always just to swap the mobo. I haven’t had time to do anything recently anyway but your idea is a new one so I’ll give that a go.

    and Don no you’re not crazy for doing it, this averatec was the nicest machine I’ve ever had and it’s just fun to figure out what’s wrong with it so no you shdn’t just give up.

  228. Don Says:

    Mike - thanks for the info. I suspect the sound chip is bad since the head phone jack doesn’t work either. I do wonder though, if a sound chip does go bad, would it show any issues in the device manager or not?
    I’m going to run it by the guy who owns the laptop and see what he wants to do. Again - thanks for the input - greatly appreciated.

    Susan - thank you for the assurance…lol. I love what I do, and I do what I love to do. It is a nice machine, but with this issue, I was starting to wonder if I was in a bad relationship…lol. Not going to give up - not now.

    Thanks again to both of you for your time.

  229. Alan Duquette Says:

    Any one know if the bios is included on the installation disk that comes with the 6240? If not does anyone have the original that can send it to me or post it here? I “updated” mine with the msi bios that I found on some posts on the web was told would make this computer upgradable with faster cpu’s but it did not work and I did not know how to back up my old one. Ity installed but it did no good and maybe made things a little worse. Apparently this averatec (and probably others) is a rebranded msi. Hope this is not too far off topic.

  230. Seth7 Says:

    Bios on an recovery disk .. kinda doubt it…

    Update for me .. finally bought a used motherboard off of the Bay … a 1-XXXXXX41 board, not the newer XXX111 but its working now…. and ill ad that im sure that the heating issues and failure are with the video chip its self !!!! it is running damn hot and is cooled by the inner case - a relative small chunk of aluminum. Im planning on cutting a hole in the bottom cover and glue/epoxy a heatsink for a 486 cpu to the opposite side if this thin aluminum to improve the heat dissipation…..

  231. Seth7 Says:

    Second update …. Iv checked all of my CPU’s with the working MoBo … and all are working fine …. just adding to the thought that it was the Video Chip that died - even though the DVD palyer worked… dont know why. You would think that both the display for the DVD and computer would be handled by the same chip !!!!!

  232. will Says:

    i’m looking for a power module for the averatec 6235EE

  233. Seth7 Says:

    I now have 4 CPU’s that work in a Averatec 6200 for sale …. on ebay. 140452860652

  234. kEN Says:


  235. Seth7 Says:

    One is a 2Ghz, thats the XD2400 …. 2 1.8Ghz and one 1.6Ghz cpu.

  236. kEN Says:

    Couldnt find the xd 2400 2 gig?

  237. Seth7 Says:

    That was a typo, the 2Ghz cpu is AXMD2400GJQ4C


  238. Seth7 Says:

    Crap .. i thought hte 2400 was hte 2Ghz .. after checking its a 1.8Ghz .. now i need to change my listing

  239. ruslan Says:

    Hi, i am looking to replace the Harddrive and increase RAM on my AVERATEC 1000 series notebook.

    Can someone please guide me or direct me to where i can buy both of these items?

    Thanks very much,


  240. Damian Says:

    Hi all,
    my 6130hs-20 just died. The power supply shows a steady power light when plugged in and disconnected from the computer. But when I plug it in, the same light blinks rapidly.
    I picked up a new supply from ebay, and the exact same behavior occurs.
    Would someone comment on the likelihood that the problem is with the power connector on the laptop? I notice that these parts are readily available on-line. Is this, perhaps, a common issue with this particular model?



  241. OLAF JORDANS Says:

    I need help regarding a bio update one averatec 6200th
    in the i-net I can find absolutely nothing ..

    Bios Type AMI
    BIOS version V2.50 A1004SMS
    System BIOS Date 08/13/04
    Video BIOS Date 07/05/04
    American Megatrends Inc.

    Field Value
    CPU Properties
    CPU Type Mobile AMD Athlon XP, 1800 MHz (13.5 x 133) 2400 +
    CPU Alias ​​Barton
    CPU Stepping A2
    Instruction Set x86, MMX, 3DNow!, SSE
    L1 Code Cache 64 KB
    L1 Data Cache [TRIAL VERSION]
    L2 Cache 512 KB (On-Die, Full-Speed)

    CPU manufacturer
    Company Name Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Product http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,, 30_118, 00.html

    CPU utilization
    CPU # 1 12%

    Field Value
    CPU Properties
    CPU Type Mobile AMD Athlon XP, 1800 MHz (13.5 x 133) 2400 +
    CPU Alias ​​Barton
    CPU Stepping A2
    Instruction Set x86, MMX, 3DNow!, SSE
    L1 Code Cache 64 KB
    L1 Data Cache [TRIAL VERSION]
    L2 Cache 512 KB (On-Die, Full-Speed)

    CPU manufacturer
    Company Name Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Product http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,, 30_118, 00.html

  242. Seth7 Says:

    Damian: your getting powert into your laptop, remove the battery and see if it boots up.

    Olaf: Why do you think the bios needs updated?

  243. olaf jordans Says:

    i think bios is very old…

    BIOS version V2.50 A1004SMS
    System BIOS Date 08/13/04
    Video BIOS Date 07/05/04

  244. Kenneth Bush Says:

    I have a 6240 which has a Mobile Athlon 3000+ (1.8 gHz) processor, Socket 754. Has anyone tried a 3200+ (62 watt, 2 gHz), 3400+ (62 watt, 2.2 gHz), 3700+ (62 watt, 2.4 gHz), or 4000+ (62 watt, 2.6 gHz)? Is there any reason why any of these would not work in the 6240?

  245. StanZ Says:

    Its likely that the chips you list will “work” in that the computer will run with them. But without some way of changing the CPU clock speed, it will continue to run at 1.8GHz even though the new chip is capable of faster speeds. I would not expect a mainboard of this vintage to auto-set the CPU speed and I don’t know of a way to manuallly change the speed.

    If anyone knows how to change the CPU clock, please post the information.

  246. Kurt Says:

    How do you test the power card that your the ac cord plugs into. Everything went dead. battery good but when I hold down the pwoer button to turn on nothing happens. is there a fuse somewhere on the Mo BO ?

    Thanks Kurt I have a 6200 averatec

  247. Seth7 Says:

    if the battery is still charged … put a dvd in….boot it up. if the dvd player starts then it means your video chip died…. youll need a new board.

  248. Kurt Says:

    Hi wont boot beacuse wont turn on battery good ? I have the board that you plug the ac into which now is out of the unit how can i test weather it is good or not

  249. kURT Says:

    I have a averatec 6200 screen is very dim, I replaced the lcd but get the same problem. I can see the faint image of the windows but its to dark to do anything. does anyone know what drives the brightness on the lcd.

    Thanks Kurt

  250. Seth7 Says:

    Then you got a another bad display with a bad inverter or CCL….most likely the inverter..

  251. kURT Says:

    Where is the inverter located?

  252. StanZ Says:

    The inverter is the small circuit board located directly under the actual LCD display panel inside the top lid. It has white and pink wires coming out of a white connector on one side. These are the high voltage wires that go to the lamp. You can see a picture here:


    Did you replace just the LCD panel inside the lid or did you replace the entire cover assembly? If you replaced just the LCD panel then you would have had to disconnect the white/pink wire connector and hopefully plugged it back in when you were finished. If you didn’t reconnect that then your display would be dark.

    If you replaced the entire cover assembly then it would be unusual, but not impossible, for the second assembly to be bad. I would check with the supplier to see if they will test and replace it if necessary.

    Its remotely possible that the power connection to the display connector is bad so that the inverter isn’t getting any power. If that is true than your problem is on the motherboard.

    Good luck!


  253. Anonymous Says:

    Stan Thanks a lot I did replace the inverter and presto back in business. Thanks Again


  254. Anonymous Says:

    Hay Guys can you adjust the brightness on the 6200 screen?

    Thanks Kurt

  255. StanZ Says:

    Glad you got it going. Seth7 gets the credit for suggesting a bad inverter. I just followed up with some other options.

    As to display brightness, do you mean adjustment other than the Fn-F4/F5 keys?

  256. StanZ Says:

    To continue…

    I don’t know of any other adjustments.


  257. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks again…I forgot the fn f4 f5 keys

  258. Andres Says:

    I need help regarding a bio update one averatec 6200th
    in the i-net I can find absolutely nothing ..

    Bios Type AMI
    BIOS version V2.50 A1004SMS
    System BIOS Date 08/13/04
    Video BIOS Date 07/05/04
    American Megatrends Inc.

    Field Value
    CPU Properties
    CPU Type Mobile AMD Athlon XP, 1800 MHz (13.5 x 133) 2400 +
    CPU Alias ​​Barton
    CPU Stepping A2
    Instruction Set x86, MMX, 3DNow!, SSE
    L1 Code Cache 64 KB
    L1 Data Cache [TRIAL VERSION]
    L2 Cache 512 KB (On-Die, Full-Speed)

    CPU manufacturer
    Company Name Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Product http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,, 30_118, 00.html

    CPU utilization
    CPU # 1 12%

    Field Value
    CPU Properties
    CPU Type Mobile AMD Athlon XP, 1800 MHz (13.5 x 133) 2400 +
    CPU Alias ​​Barton
    CPU Stepping A2
    Instruction Set x86, MMX, 3DNow!, SSE
    L1 Code Cache 64 KB
    L1 Data Cache [TRIAL VERSION]
    L2 Cache 512 KB (On-Die, Full-Speed)

    CPU manufacturer
    Company Name Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Product http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,, 30_118, 00.html

    What Bios Update can i find?

  259. Kenneth Bush Says:

    I have had my Averatec 6200 for many years, but am not aware of a BIOS update. The latest drivers for the original OS, XP Home, are available from http://www.trigem.com/us, but there is no BIOS update.

    By the way, I upgraded my processor to the 2800+, and I put XP 64-bit on it. There’s a driver for everything available except the touchpad, which uses a generic PS/2 mouse driver. I’ll keep this machine as long as I can keep it going.

  260. Seth7 Says:

    thought the 2400+ was the top end ….

    any more 2800+ 64’s around?

    and yep .. no Bios updates ….

    Id run Ubuntu 64bit if i could ….

  261. Kurt Says:

    I have a 6200 laptop with xp-m 2400 1.8 ghz 922 ram. how can I make this faster?

    Thanks Kurt

  262. Kenneth Bush Says:

    Probably the best way to increase speed is to max out the RAM at 2 gig. It will do more than the slight gain in speed from a faster processor.

    The 6200 is designed for the Athlon 64 processor, not the XP-M processor. The XP-M is a 32-bit processor, while the 6200 is designed for 64-bit processors.

    If you decide to run a 64-bit operating system on your machine, the Slimdrivers utility will help to find 64-bit drivers. The one driver which isn’t available is the touchpad driver. The 32-bit driver for the touchpad will allow the tapping feature to be turned off during typing. Otherwise, accidental hits of the touchpad will be a distraction during typing.

  263. kurt Says:

    Hello I have two 6200 lap top both are dead. I think it is a fuse no power indicator will not power up no lights on the three light that show power, wifi etc. can u help

    Thanks kurt

  264. Charles Says:

    I have a Averatec 6100 series notebook. I have charter wifi, but i cant seem to connect to it. I was wondering if anyone knows how to connect it to wifi or if i have to use an ethernet cable so i can get on the internet? Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks.

  265. Dave Says:

    What is a charter wifi?

    if its not 802.11a/b/g then get a matching mini-pci card for your laptop and replace it !!!!

  266. Charles Says:

    Charter is my cable, phone & internet provider. How do i find out if my router is 802.11a/b/g?

  267. Charles Says:

    My router is 802.11a/b/g compatable. I cant seem to figure out how to manually program it to log in to my wifi. I’ve tried doing it manually but its not working for me. If anyone knows how to do it and can give me instructions how, i would greatly appreciate it. I have an averatec 6100 series notebook. Thanks.

  268. dave Says:

    Then you have a software issue … not hardware.
    Unless the wifi quit transmitting

    Haven’t you used this OS before?

  269. Charles Says:

    Nope. Im used to it usually just automatically picking up and connecting on its own I have never used this os before.

  270. StanZ Says:


    Let’s start at the beginning. Download the user manual from here and find the locations of the Wi-fi power switch and indicator. Be sure the Wi-fi is turned on and the indicator is lon.

    Also, are you using Windows XP or something else?

    Has this ever worked in the past or is this the first time you’ve ever tried to use it?

    Can you connect with a wired Ethernet cable?

    I’m travelling so my responses might be delayed.

  271. charles Says:

    The wifi switch is on and so is the indicator. Im using windows xp. I have never used a computer this old before. Ive actualy never used windows xp before. And i dont know if an ethernet cable works. Ive never had to use one before. So ill buy one and ill let you know if it does. Does it matter what brand or type i buy?

  272. StanZ Says:

    Thanks for the reply. That gives us a starting point.

    Any ethernet cable will work. That will tell us if there is any problem connecting to the internet in general. With a cable plugged into the router you should be able to connect.

    For wireless setup, watch this video. Note that the details of the names and passwords will be different for your Charter ISP and you may need to get the details of Wi-fi SSID (wireless network name) and the security key from them.


    If you can’t connect, do you at least see the Charter router’s SSID name listed under Available Networks?

    Let us know how it goes.

  273. Charles Says:

    Ok. So i am now connected to my wireless network. But i cant get on my internet. Is there another step or process i have to do to get on my internet after i have already connected to my wireless network?

  274. StanZ Says:

    Now we’re into router and/or Charter ISP problems, not computer issues.

    Can other computers connect to the internet with this wireless router?

    Have you been able to connect using the Ethernet cable?

    There are two functions required to connect to Charter (or any) cable internet. There is a cable modem and a router. These can be two individual boxes or all built into one box. The cable modem has the thick black “TV cable” wire going into it. If the router is built into the cable modem, then it will have multiple “LAN” Ethernet jacks on the back, usually numbered” and probably antennas on the same box.

    If they are individual boxes, then the cable modem box should have one Ethernet jack that needs to be connected to the “WAN” jack on the router. If this is not connected correctly then you will not be able to connect to the internet.

    Step 1 is to connect to the “LAN” jack with the cable and then to see if you can connect to the internet.

    Then turn off the computer, cable modem and the router if they are separate.
    Turn on the cable modem first and wait 5 minutes. Then turn on the router and wait 2 minutes. Then turn on the computer and after it boots up see if you can connect to the internet.

    If this doesn’t work, then turn everything off again and plug the wire from the computer directly into the Ethernet jack on the cable modem. Turn on the modem and wait 5 minutes then turn on the computer. If this doesn’t work, then you will have to call Charter support because their connection isn’t working.

    If this does work, then you have a problem with you router. That is a bit too difficult to diagnose like this.

    Good luck.

  275. Dan Appleby Says:

    Any possibility you could send across a pictue of the heat sink?
    I have been purchasing my inserts from http://www.fasteningsolutionsuk.com/

  276. Al Says:

    I cant believe but my Avaratec 6200 is still alive.. but it gets HOT even with the fan running… can anyone suggest any fixes to get that to work.. would make my day.. so i dont have to get another laptop when i am tight in my pocket..



  277. StanZ Says:

    Have the fan and heat sink been cleaned? If the heat sink radiator fins get clogged with dust, the fan is working hard but can’t move air through it to cool the processor. Blow compressed air through the bottom vent while holding the fan in place with a straightened out paper clip. (Freewheeling the fan at high speed is bad for the bearings.) And then blow it back through the side vents. Better if you’re willing to take the bottom cover plate off and then you can hold the fan while you blow out through the radiator assembly between the fan and the side slots.

    Cans of air are better than nothing, but only have minimal power. If you know someone with an air compressor and an air gun, that is best.

    Another possibility is that the thermal grease/pad between the heat sink and the CPU has gotten dried out and is no longer providing a good path for the heat to get from the CPU chip to the heat sink. That is a more involved repair so try the cleaningh first.

    Good luck!

  278. James Says:

    Please I have averatec 6220 the screen just went off and the charger light started to blink since then it has nit been working and the’re is no light appearing on the laptop.Please kindly help me before Monday you can send me an email.Thank you

  279. James Says:

    I have been able to repair my laptop just now, the charger was blinking and there was no light on the laptop so I removed the battery removed the memory and then I removed the charger from the laptop. After doing all this I placed in the charger and the charger was stable,I switched on the laptop and it came on,then I replaced back the memory then it started working,but it get really hot which I think might be a software problem or virus. Will not keep things to myself when I am able to fix the heating problem will share it with you guys. Shalom

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