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Behavior Driver Development Example

Scott Rippee @ 1:08 pm March 11th, 2007

Over at Giant Robots… Tammer Saleh writes about using rSpec with Spec::Rails. This post shows how natural language is used to write the spec in the code and how running it produces meaningful information along with the verification of the statements.

2 Responses to “Behavior Driver Development Example”

  1. UnderpaidLoveMonki Says:

    Cool stuff.

    Here’s a prototype implementation of BDD in Common Lisp, http://rashkovskii.com/articles/2007/3/4/common-lisp-behavior-driven-development

    Another one in Erlang, http://rashkovskii.com/articles/2007/3/9/just-an-idea-for-erlang and http://rashkovskii.com/articles/2007/3/10/erlang-bdd

  2. Scott Rippee Says:

    The thing I notice about rashlovski’s implementations is that he didn’t add any constructs for describing his test statements in human language, but I am guessing thats because they are “quick-and-dirty”

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