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Coffee intake enhanced

Scott Rippee @ 1:21 am August 4th, 2007

Nothing like the afternoon beer bong of coffee. Their only shortcoming, not enough coffee per beerbonging. Plus I’d like to see maybe a coffee rockstar mixture happen…….. yeah

4 Responses to “Coffee intake enhanced”

  1. Austin Duncan Says:

    Scott, clean out the beer bong and get me some coffee. I’m going to get crunk.

  2. Scott Rippee Says:

    haha I’ll be sure to bring it next time I’m heading to SD.. That would be priceless. But we’re going to use way more coffee though than these wusses! =]

  3. Austin Duncan Says:

    I think that I could drink eight cups of coffee with a beer bong. It might cause my stomach to bleed, but it would be worth it. I wouldn’t OD like the girl who had seven double espressos. What a chump!!!

  4. Scott Rippee Says:

    We will mix in some Pepto-Bismol with the coffee to keep your stomach from bleeding! And you’ll have to do more than eight. At least 15 to defeat the caffeine OD girl.

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