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Mac for cross browser web development

Scott Rippee @ 12:11 pm March 4th, 2007

OS X has definitely won me over as a web development platform.

  • Great for testing out HTML and CSS. I’m able to run a diverse set of browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE6 (using crossover Mac). I still have to get to a windows box for IE7 testing thought (thankfully its the least broken IE browser). As a side note firebug also rocks for finding HTML and CSS problems.
  • Development speed is increased by not having to spend time fixing the OS or the applications. Everything just works.
  • TextMate which is awesome for programming and general text editing (Lots of the emacs keys I hit by instinct work in it!)
  • Its easy to run all of the DB and web servers on its Unix base that you’d need for a development environment
  • High quaility graphic and photo editing software is available
  • Rails will be included with OS X 10.5. Cool

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