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Opensolaris on OS X

Scott Rippee @ 11:17 pm July 22nd, 2007

Due to influence from the love moneky I got up and running with Opensolaris on OS X (in parallels) this weekend. I was originally going to install it with VMServer on Gentoo, but realized that it would be much more accessible on my primary unit de computation.

opensolarisinstall.jpgI simply downloaded the 3 Opensolaris files (Nevada release), used cat to concatenate them into a single file, selected Solaris 10 in parallels, selected the image, and it installed without any hang-ups. Ahh yes, and I had to go back and change the memory allocated as it has a 768mb minimum requirement.

My motivation, hack around with zfs (screencasts) and the much talked about DTrace (Video: interview with developers).

Here are some videos with Sun talking about Solaris, zfs, dtrace, and OpenSource: video 1, video 2. I completely agree with the part about the roll of “urban planning” in complex software systems. This seems to hold true for Apple also and is evident in the high quality and user centric software/systems they produce.

DTrace will also be available on OS X Leopard and with a fancy GUI, Xray.

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