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ruby-debug - =]

Scott Rippee @ 5:49 pm May 28th, 2007

cc by Designerdruby-debug = cool + very useful. Many have said it before and I have blissfully ignored until in a sticky situation that helped me realize I need to be able to poke and prod a little more than spitting out to the log in rails. After all poke and prod is my favorite way to learn.

It’s has a simple feel, yet is powerful letting you drop into a debug shell where you can set breakpoint, move through the stack, step around, and examine variables. I was pretty hesitant about learning ruby-debug as I had thoughts of gdb in my head. I have a dislike/fright of gdb and continue to gimp around with it despite a lot of use. ruby-degub, however, is no foe.

No need to cover installing or usage here, as these fine people have created useful docs and even a screencast…

Install and use with RAILS

Common usage


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One Response to “ruby-debug - =]”

  1. rocky Says:

    Hmmm… You say you have a dislike/fright of gdb? What is it about gdb you dislike and that frightens?

    You see, over time ruby-debug (or at least the command-set portion) has been trying to align its command set more with the gdb command set. In places this would be harmful, I’d like to know.

    Here’s an example. In earlier versions of gdb there was a “script” command to run a debugger command script. The corresponding gdb command name is “source”, so “script” changed to “source” in version 0.10.0.

    One advantage of keeping compatible with gdb is that learning one will reinforce learning the other.

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