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Tabs In Mac Terminal: tabTerm

Scott Rippee @ 11:08 pm April 22nd, 2007

I’ve been using iTerm when I want a terminal session on el mac, but overall I am not a big fan of iTerm. Anyways, I stumbled across tabTerm, which is just the normal Terminal app w/ tabs. Its cool, its got tabs, hurrah


But, perhaps Terminal in 10.5 will come with tabs (guessing from this note)?

2 Responses to “Tabs In Mac Terminal: tabTerm”

  1. Scott Rippee Says:

    I should, however, mention that iTerm’s fullscreen mode rocks!

  2. Scott Rippee Says:

    Unfortunately changing fonts in tabTertm doesn’t work and I always see an error connecting to update server message when it starts.

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