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Test 93 overwriting neuron 23441952 axon 3

Scott Rippee @ 11:42 pm October 28th, 2007

and my hand slaps my face proving that the hand can still successfully slap the face. If only there were not so many commits kicking off the slap suite.

Dstamat at ELC provides a whirl wind of the many options that have come to existence in Ruby automated test land.

As I started to see my test suite slow down, Mocha to the rescue (FlexMock would have done the job too). My controller tests became focused, and my models were simply mocked and stubbed away from them completely. What if I wanted to test my views ?
Enter Selenium and Watir. Now I could even test to make sure my blind_downs were working when a user clicked on my links from browser X, Y, Z. Half way into setting up Selenium, RSpec hit the scene.

Test::Unit, Mocha, Rspec, RCov, Heckle. Throw ci_reporter in the mix for testing in continous integration (CI) setups such as pulse. Rock and roll for what rails has pulled off in the testing arena and more rock and roll considering the benefits gained by all ruby development.

There are so many amazing tools are available that incubate quality and live in complete automation. The learning curve is there, time to implement is there, but the pay off is huge and shouldn’t be ignored.

The vague and partially relevant point of this post is to illustrate the agile software development (r)evolution that passionate Rubyists have manifested in such a short amount of time. The creation, porting, adaption and adoption of these testing tools / frameworks alone should clearly exemplify this.

It’s an exciting time to be writing software

dstamat, I must agree. I’m completely enthralled.

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