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To LVM or not LVM

Scott Rippee @ 6:13 pm March 16th, 2008

So I was sitting here trying to decide whether to re-setup my few small drives into a big chunk of storage with LVM as I had in my previous Gentoo setup. The LVM draw is not having to think about which drives you’ve stuck x, y, and z and the drawback being having to set it up and not being able to easily recover the data in the case of system failure.

However, it turns out that Ubuntu or Linux or some sort of supermagical force made my old volume group that existed in Gentoo still exist in Ubuntu! I mounted the logical volume and walha, all of my old files were still there. LVM must record special LVM data on to the drives in a volume group that dictates the configuration rather than storing the configuration to the system (in a file somewhere). Sweeet

On a side note it was tough to nuke Gentoo after a great 6 year ride and at the same time its really nice not waiting hours for software to compile. Plus Ubuntu is beautiful + just works.

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