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Vista source code leaked

Scott Rippee @ 1:34 pm April 6th, 2008

OMG Some behemoth bugs! For instance, those variables at the top should be declared constant. Any ole dev could decide to increment the feature count, decrement the bugs, and set ready to release!

3 Responses to “Vista source code leaked”

  1. Myles Says:

    Not to mention “void main” has a return statement!

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Rob Fahrni Says:

    That is very funny, but the joksters need to get the braces aligned properly. With that old K&R style you can tell they’re Linux geeks.

    if (stillNotCrashed)

    That’s the proper bracing style of the NT/Windows team. David Cutler would tear your head off if you used K&R.

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