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Innovation, part 2

UnderpaidLoveMonki @ 6:38 am May 3rd, 2008

Having blogged about innovation, here’s another article on innovation — an interview with Pixar’s Brad Bird. It pretty much explains what’s needed to develop new products and fostering innovation.

Involved people make for better innovation… Involved people can be quiet, loud, or anything in-between—what they have in common is a restless, probing nature: “I want to get to the problem. There’s something I want to do.” If you had thermal glasses, you could see heat coming off them.

The first step in achieving the impossible is believing that the impossible can be achieved. … “You don’t play it safe—you do something that scares you, that’s at the edge of your capabilities, where you might fail. That’s what gets you up in the morning.”

2 Responses to “Innovation, part 2”

  1. Tom Distler Says:

    I think this is one of the hardest things to get across to people here at “Initech”. Not all companies are in an industry with a high “cool-factor” like Pixar, but creativity and innovation shouldn’t be pushed by the wayside. User-experience (Ux) is still important no matter what market you play in, and if done right can really set you apart. Cliche example: I’ve never found cell phones and PDAs that interesting, but Apple made them so (to further the overuse of the iPhone example :-)).

    Delivering features is #1, but you can double the value of those features with great Ux.

  2. LMS Says:

    interesting interview. agreed, innovation is mostly about the people involved. i think improved user design and slick marketing help, also. how many innovations in the toothbrush and shaver have we witnessed in our lifetime - countless! the innovations are generally minor, but the advertising message carries a lot of weight.

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